Nightmare Fuel / Suspiria

  • Pat's murder and Sara's death. It's widely considered one of Argento's masterpieces and most gory movies.
  • The death of the blind pianist. Imagine your dog attacking your throat without any apparent reason whatsoever. Combined with Nausea Fuel when the dog begins ripping out strands of flesh and sinew.
  • The maggots in the ceiling and in every student's hair and/or face may be this for some people.
  • Helena Markos herself.
  • 'I'm coming, American! And let the living meet the dead, and the dead the living...'
    • Sara's reanimated corpse makes the final confrontation all the more disturbing.
    • One could argue that the pins in her freakin' eyes that probably contribute to her body's twisted reanimation make it all the more disturbing.
  • Despite the Narm nature, the original US trailer of Suspiria is pretty disturbing, starting ominous with a woman brushing her hair, away from the camera all while singing "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue". As she finishes, she turns to the camera revealing a skull and screaming "But the Iris is the flower... THAT WILL MEAN THE END OF YOU!!" See here.