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Nightmare Fuel: Survival of the Fittest
Survival of the Fittest can fall into this at times, for obvious reasons based on the site's premise (as it is based off of Battle Royale). Sometimes the violence can slide into Narm territory, or even darkly humorous. Other times, though... well, it can get downright disturbing.
  • A death involving firecrackers being shoved into... *ahem* a part of a woman's anatomy - need more be said?
    • For that matter, pretty much everything that Blood Boy does.
  • Another, somehow creepier example is the death of Damien Carter-Madison, whereupon he is swamped by the ghosts/zombies of all of his deceased classmates and dragged through a door into a realm which is strongly applied to be hell. The knowledge it is the hallucination of a dying teenager does little to comfort the reader.
  • Billy-Jay Clarke of SotF Evolution. 'Superpower' failure. His eyes melt in his skull. That is all.
  • Sarah Atwell's descent into madness begins with her tying down and torturing Eve-Walker Luther, then stabbing her to death, bleeding out Miranda Merchant and carving the words 'selfish bitch' onto her chest, and rigging up a Jigsaw-like contraption onto Brock Mason involving pointing a sniper rifle at his own head, making sure that if he even moves he dies. He kills himself rather than take part.
  • Bloodgarden.
    • To elaborate, Liam "Brook" Brooks, a sweet, shy boy who likes gardening and has a fear of blood, witnesses his love interest die and gets broken a little too hard. he sets up a twisted "garden" decorated with the bodies of said love interest and other kids that he brutally murders, inflicts Cold-Blooded Torture on a girl who bullied him, and eventually has to be put down by his former best friend.
  • Alex White's Cold-Blooded Torture against Rosa Fiametta. The overtones really don't make it better.
  • Going back to Evolution again, some of the abilities can be fairly horrifying in a Body Horror sort of way if you think about them too hard. For example, Johnny Marsh has his skin become transparent, but everything else is still visible, making him look similar to an anatomical model. Now imagine that you wake up on a Deserted Island knowing that there are a bunch of potentially Ax-Crazy people about and looking like that under a scuba suit that you're now wearing. Or how about Taryn Gregory's power, whose blood crystallizes upon exposure to oxygen and can be used as knives. Aside from the idea of crystallizing blood, the concept of what happens during certain times of the month has been brought up and discussed by handlers. Or the ability where you can turn parts of your body to stone, but you can't change it back. There's a lot of Fridge Horror in Evolution overall.
  • The character deaths of Guy Rapide and Mary McKay. Mary, the girl who got pregnant to Guy (who doesn't want anything to do with the kid), snaps, ties an unconscious Guy to a chair, saws halfway through one ankle and completely through the other, then saws through his penis, and then saws his neck off. And then eats the penis. Meanwhile, local crazy Wade Wilson arrives, and has hallucinations about a chestburster popping out of Mary's stomach. So he stabs her stomach repeatedly, and then wipes the unborn foetus, which got stuck to his knife, onto Guy's bloody torso. Read it all in its bloody, horrifying glory here.
  • From version five, Summer Simms kills longtime rival Naomi Bell. Pretty standard, right? Well, until she takes it far beyond murder.
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