Nightmare Fuel / Surgeon Simulator 2013

Sure the whole "surgery" aspect is Played for Laughs, but that doesn't mean it can't make you squeamish.
  • Brain Surgery. Not only do you have to crack the guy's entire upper skull off, you then have to yank his brain out and toss it away.
  • Smashing a ribcage, while gut-bustingly hilarious, might cause you to wince as if they were your own ribs. Don't worry, ribs grow back! (No zhey don't.)
  • You can stab yourself with the painkiller syringe. Doing so will cause the game to display disturbingly warped graphics as well as shifting colors, simulating a Mushroom Samba caused by whatever drug is in the syringe.
  • Occasionally, while performing surgery on the alien, one of the body parts will start making noises when you remove it. The fact that they move on their own makes it worse.
  • Eye transplants. Have fun ripping out the patient's eyes as they pop out before they become loose enough for you to tear off!
    • You can replace the eyes with an 8 ball and a ball with a smiley, making poor Bob perfectly blind.
    • Even if you're not doing eye surgery, Bob will occasionally have his eyes open if you shake his head around, and they're staring right at you. This is even more unsettling when the eyes are open and Bob dies.
  • The fact that Nigel is selling spare organs and Mystery Meat to his friend, who serves them as food at his diner, may add to the fuel. Poor guy doesn't know. Not that he cares.
  • And if you thought the soundtrack was free of this, then you're wrong. The 11 track is named "???", and it plays the distorted sounds of a radio suffering interferences, followed by someone's gasping breaths of pain, and ending with what can only be described as someone turning the audio off. Oh, and this is comprised in only 9 seconds. Have fun!