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Nightmare Fuel: Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Warning! All spoilers below are unmarked.

  • The executions and deaths once again.
    • Chapter 1's execution, "Deep Fried Hanamura". Teruteru Hanamura is chained to a post on the beach, and up pops Monokuma in a chopper. Instead of blowing him up, the missiles Monokuma fires at Hanamura cover him in eggs and breadcrumbs, and for a moment it looks like he'll get off lightly in comparison to the previous games' executions—NOPE. Monokuma then takes the post to an active volcano and drops Hanamura into the lava. Pan to the kids staring in horror at their classmate's sizzling corpse bobbing on the surface.
    • Chapter 2's execution, "One Woman Army". Peko Pekoyama is surrounded by an army of robot samurai; Monokuma holds up a straw doll with a photo of her face on it, hijacks Pekoyama's body and starts making her cut down her enemies. Kuzuryuu somehow makes it into the "arena", as it were, and makes a beeline for Peko in the hopes of stopping her and getting her out. And he does stop her—when Monokuma releases control just long enough for her to accidentally hack him up. In remorse, she hugs his unconscious body and either doesn't notice the samurai-bots readying the swords, or actively allows them to stab her to death.
    • Chapter 3's execution, "Pain Pain Go Away". What Tsumiki Mikan's death lacks in cruelty, it makes up for in mind-fuckery (and squick). She's lying on a bed in an empty room, and here comes Nurse Monokuma to impale her on a massive hypodermic needle—or so you'd think. The needle instead buries itself in the arm-shaped rocket that a moment before seemed to be her bed; as he injects it with fuel(?), Tsumiki becomes more and more ecstatic before apparently having an orgasm (there's a split-second shot of her nude), and then the rocket takes off with her clinging for dear life. We don't actually see her die for once, but it can be safely assumed she died from oxygen starvation shortly after launch. Alternatively, it's been suggested that it's a metaphor for her orgasmic ecstasy during a death by lethal injection, reveling in despair and believing she'll be with the one she loves.
    • Chapter 4's execution, "Gundam Falling to the Earth". Staring down an oncoming stampede, Gundam Tanaka gets his hamsters to safety and draws a magic circle, the stampede getting closer by the second—and at the last moment, the circle fails and Gundam is mercilessly crushed. Abated slightly by the execution ending with his past pets carrying him off to Heaven.
      • Before that is the matter of Chapter 4's victim, (Mecha) Nekomaru Nidai, who so far has the dubious honour of being the only victim to have been dismembered.
    • Chapter 5's execution, "Please Insert Coin". Thanks to Komaeda's bastardry, it's Chiaki Nanami and Monomi's turn. Nanami and the remaining Monomi units are sitting at the back of what looks like a warehouse with various pixellated invader-types popping up in front of them, which Monokuma starts shooting down in a freaking tank. Nanami spots an exit and she and the Monomi units run for dear life, with Monokuma still managing to run over all but one of the Monomis; Nanami and the last Monomi seemingly manage to escape before smacking into a glass wall. A shutter closes behind them, and all the two can do is wait for Monokuma to crush them with Tetris blocks...
      • A special mention should also go out to Chapter 5's victim, Komaeda. He's found tied up, laying spread-eagled, gagged with masking tape. There are also stab wounds along his thighs and left arm, and his right hand is pierced by an army knife. The most unpleasant sight of all is the spear piercing through his stomach at a perfect 90 degree angle. The worst part of it all? He inflicted all of those wounds on himself (possibly exepting the spear, which may have impaled him postmortem, or it impaled him while he was still choking on the poisonous gas that he set up). The horrified expression frozen on his face does NOT help matters. Here it is for those who want to see it in full, but be warned that this is easily one of the most, if not THE most, brutal murder in the franchise. It is also important to note that he gagged himself, despite the fact that he was kidnapped by a serial killer and now associates gags with that event.
  • Komaeda's VERY creepy smile in Chapter 1's trial, after Hinata exposes his true colors. Even worse, the game zooms in on his face and his eyes look like crazy spirals.
  • In both dubs, the culprit of the third trial gets incredibly creepy as they're slowly cornered. Hearing Mikan go from high-pitched Shrinking Violet to chillingly calm to furious and, finally, after the trial, completely insane is just so disturbing, especially coming from a character who seemed perfectly nice earlier.
  • The shot of Komaeda with one of Junko's hands in chapter 0. By "with one of Junko's hands", we don't mean that Komaeda retrieved it from her corpse and kept it with him. We mean that he chopped off his left hand and stuck Junko's on the stump.
  • In the final chapter, the game starts turning into a glitchy mess and turns into terrifying Mind Screw central. You can examine the dead kids' cottages during this time, but read at your own risk.
  • There's also the final trial.
    • The "noise" statements you have to shoot down during arguments are all Mind Screw-worthy segments of glitched text.
    • In one part of the final trial, Hinata's all of a sudden back on the beach, somehow holding a trial with all of the other kids, but they're just standing there, all glad that everything's over. But the most terrifying part? Afterwards, Hinata finds himself in a void, surrounded by a bunch of clones of Izuru Kamukura, all talking about how worthless they are and how they've crossed the Despair Event Horizon and how they can't choose any future. They're all darkened, with glowing red eyes. They speak in unison, and fittingly, ominous chanting plays in the background. That chanting? Listen carefully to it and you can clearly make out "Enoshima". That isn't just some random chanting, it's a motherfucking holy hymn.
    • Then there's giant Junko, who appears with very little warning and speaks through a human-sized cell phone whose screen displays another Junko. She attempts to trick the survivors into accepting her offer of "Graduation", which would allow them to keep their memories of the game world and even bring the "dead" kids back to in, their bodies become vessels for the AI Junko. And the survivors would have no clue, because all the data Junko has compiled on them would allow her to imitate them perfectly.
    • The thought that if the students chose to "graduate" while Naegi, Kirigiri and Togami were in there, those three would be stuck in the game world forever. With Enoshima. Sure, she wouldn't be able to kill them directly, but that probably makes it worse. Just think of all the ways she could use Loophole Abuse to torture them... forever. On second thought, don't.
    • Some of the descriptions of what Super High School Level Despair did to show their devotion to Enoshima. One turned in their own parents to her to be experimented on. One replaced his own eyeball with one of Enoshima's, and another is implied to have tried the same with Enoshima's womb or ovaries. Hinata is so horrified at that last one that he screams at the speaker to stop before he can finish his sentence.
      • This is actually worse when you look carefully and realise these are actually implied to be actions committed by the students as despair. Note the resemblance to Kuzuryuu in the one transplanting the eye into himself.
      • Going farther with implications, it's very possible that Tsumiki was the one who tried to implant Enoshima's ovaries. She was shown to be extremely in love with Enoshima and during her despair scene, it's not a hard jump to make...
      • The localization actually makes the latter worse, because it's outright stated that some members tried to bear her child using her corpse.
      • Players of the first game will remember just how Junko Enoshima went out: being flattened by a crusher. Whatever the members of Ultimate Despair salvaged from that corpse couldn't have been pretty. It makes the above statement from the localization even more fucked-up.
  • The very concept of Izuru Kamukura. He was "created" in a project to create a student with every single Ultimate talent. How did they do this? By inflicting what can only be described as surgical Mind Rape on a Reserve Course dropout they used as a guinea pig. And yes, he did end up with every talent. But "all of his senses, emotions, thoughts and hobbies that interfere with aquiring talent" had been "excised." As the Characters page says, someone like that could barely even be described as human anymore. The process decribed is so horrifying that Junko approves of it! To reiterate, this is probably the one horrifying thing in the series that she didn't instigate in some way, and she loves it as much as her own twisted schemes. That... really says something about how messed up it is. And to make it even worse: he's Hajime Hinata.
    • Just to make things worse, the guidebook heavily implies who Kamukura's creator is. That person? Yasuke Matsuda, neurologist and Enoshima's boyfriend. Think about the implications of that.
  • Most of chapter 4 is terrifying, since everyone is trapped in the funhouse with no food until they decide to commit a murder. Seeing everyone gradually losing their energy and hope, until they're barely able to even move (Your movement speed is reduced to a crawl during this chapter) is not pretty.
  • Komaeda's facial expressions in his spinoff manga reek of Nightmare Face. Not to mention the dream sequence he has at one point...

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