Nightmare Fuel / Stay Alive
  • Some of the deaths along with Elizabeth Bathory herself.
    • Special mention to the policeman's death. Not only was the method downright gruesome: (He was shackled in a chair while metal bars reached into his facial orifices and pulled outwards, tearing his skull inside-out,) but the apparatus came out of nowhere when he sat down in his car. In other words, this was the point where we learn that the curse was able to manifest the torture device where it didn't exist, just to carry out the murder. There is no safe place to hide.
    • However, the game over message of the fictional game was plain "Game Over" much less scary than Resident Evil. Perhaps, they figured that if you were dead, you wouldn't need a big, fancy/scary game over screen.
  • Abigail playing "He loves me, he loves me not" with the petals of a rose which burn as soon as they touch the floor while a pair of eyes watch from the darkness. For those who don't know, a rose can keep the monsters at bay but it burns up after a single use.