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Nightmare Fuel: Splinter Cell
  • Pandora Tomorrow had the paranoia of knowing that there are five smallpox canisters hidden throughout the United States and nobody knowing where they are, plus the fact that they could go off at any moment unless the Big Bad resets them every 24 hours. The final mission of the game is particularly chilling for people who have been to Los Angeles International Airport and are familiar with how smallpox spreads. Had Soth's bomb gone off, the disease could have found its way to dozens of countries in a matter of hours.
  • Conviction in its final levels where Tom Reed's Third Echelon has used EMP's to damage much of Washington DC while trying to conduct a Day of the Jackboot, especially in the street scenes.
  • Blacklist takes this up to eleven with one of the largest US military bases in Guam being burned to the ground effortlessly and a hostage having his throat slit in Iraq.
    • The Blacklist attacks also count because of the things the attacks target such as transport and utilities, their ability to be sped up if one is stopped, the large scale damage they can do and their sophistication and worst of all, the fact that they're highly plausible.
      • After Sam stops the American Consumption attack where the Engineers targeted Chicago's water supply, the news reports state that 2 million people would have been killed if it had been successful. American Freedom takes this up to eleven with VX nerve agent dispersal units being placed through Philadelphia's train network. To put this into perspective, without the proper protection, VX, one of the deadliest chemical weapons in existence, causes instant death to anyone exposed. And then American Fuel succeeds in targeting the U.S.'s vulnerable coastal refineries, nearly setting fire to much of Louisiana and resulting in gas rocketing up to seven dollars a gallon.
  • The Engineers are also Nightmare Fuel themselves . They are the most sophisticated terrorist organisation in the world with capabilities that make them a N.G.O. Superpower. This is seen when they deal a devastating Curb-Stomp Battle to the legendary Delta Force when the latter tries to storm their training camps in Iraq.
  • The torture of the Secretary of Defense in Blacklist. His subsequent Neck Snap could almost be considered a Mercy Kill as well as a Shoot the Dog.
  • Kestrel when he is discovered the end of Blacklist's co-op arc. If his own agency, Voron considers an induced coma as imprisonment, it's a bit of Fridge Horror when Reed back in Convictions authorises the use of drugs to interrogate Sam. Would he have suffered a similar fate had Anna not been working against Reed?
  • In Chaos Theory when they torture Bruce Morganholt you hear screaming and electrical crackling. What's arguably worse is the way his torturers describe what they were doing and how long they were doing it. "His tongue is a lump of coal!"

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