Nightmare Fuel / Spider-Man 2

  • Otto getting electrocuted.
    • Just the entirety of that specific scene, which is basically Otto's Diabolus ex Machina and perhaps the single most intense scene in the entire trilogy. He had just discovered a scientific breakthrough with his reactor...and then, the magnetism kicks in. Thinking it'd eventually stabilize, things rapidly go to hell as the reactor goes totally bonkers. Spider-Man tries to unplug the reactor, but Otto refuses, still believing that he still has everything under control. And then Rosie dies right behind Otto (see below), he gets electrocuted (see above), and then Spidey finally shuts the thing down, causing it to implode. And thus began Doctor Octopus' legacy...
  • The way Rosalie is killed. Getting impaled by hundreds of glass shards that you can see flying right at you and being able to do nothing but scream...
  • Octavius' mechanical tentacles killing the doctors. See for yourself.
    • Though the Bloodless Carnage mitigate the scene a bit, but still unsettling and disturbing for some people.
    • The scariest part? Otto was unconscious. His tentacles did that all on their own. Imagine waking up after a horrible accident, only to find yourself in a hospital with everyone in the room dead. You begin to hear a voice. Four, in fact, each one of them telling you to do horrible things.
    • The entire scene is horrifying, but one of the more notable features is that there is absolutely no music playing. The rest of the film has a bombastic and grandiose score but in this one scene the only sounds are those of the doctors screaming while they're being murdered.
  • Ock kidnapping MJ. That smile just before he picks her up...
    Doc Ock: Find him. Or I'll peel the flesh off her bones.
  • The loud stomps of Doc Ock as he climbs up to Harry's balcony to confront him. Roger Ebert referred to the tentacles scaling a building sounding like "the drums of hell".
  • Harry hearing the Goblin laughter just before he starts hallucinating Norman's reflection in the mirror.
    • "AVENGE ME!!"
  • From the PC version of the game, New York is turned into floating islands, courtesy of Mysterio. In the first part, the floating islands are only several hundreds metres or so above the ground. In the second part, the floating islands are located very close with the earth's atmosphere, where many meteors hit and the ground can be barely seen. In the third part, the floating islands are in outer space.