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Nightmare Fuel: Speak
  • The rape scene. You can practically hear Melinda internally screaming but being too drunk to say anything as Andy is raping her.
    "I'm trying to remember how we got on the ground and where the moon went and wham! shirt up, shorts down, and the ground smells wet and dark and NO!—I'm not really here, I'm definitely back at Rachel's, crimping my hair and gluing on fake nails, and he smells like beer and mean and he hurts me hurts me hurts me and gets up
    and zips his jeans
    and smiles."
    • Made even worse in the film, where you can hear Melinda's muffled screams as Andy is raping her...
  • Andy attempting to rape Melinda again in the climax. This time, however, she's conscious and Andy makes no attempts to coax her into having his way with her.
  • To some, even the cover may be unsettling.
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