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Nightmare Fuel: Soul Sacrifice
Is there nightmare fuel in this game? HELL...FREAKIN'...YES!

  • In the in-game universe, sorcerers suffer from a horrific deformation in their right arms known as 'the blight'. Often times, it manifests as horribly burned skinned or spiky growths. In worse cases, the blight manifests as several eyeballs or two lovers intertwined in each other.
  • Most of the spells you cast are pretty horrific, in that you actually use parts of your own body as weapons, or sacrifice parts of your body( examples include shooting out bullets of your own blood at the cost of your health, or gouging out one of your eyes to summon a swarm of laser firing eyeballs)
  • The Chalice that acts as the catalyst for many of the events in the game
    • First off, it has the power to grant peoples' wishes but at a terrible price, resulting in the user being transformed into a hideous monster.
    • Many of the locations in the game are a result of the user's wish as well. Apparently, if you're not specific about your wish, it has the potential of warping entire landscapes.
    • When you finally see the Chalice at the end, it seems to be made out of human bones.
    • If all that stuff wasn't enough, take into consideration the fact that the only reason the chalice exists at all is to be a cosmic plaything for an evil god.
  • The world itself falls under this, considering it's filled with monsters, mutated animals, dangerously warped landscapes and an all powerful chalice that can alter reality.... And this is before Magusar caused the end of the world.
  • The sorcerer's job is to hunt down archfiends, defeat them, and to sacrifice them. Bear in mind that the 'monsters' are actually people who have been transformed into monsters, and judging from the sacrifice animation, it is a rather painful looking process. Even after the person is sacrificed, they aren't exactly destroyed. The soul of the person actually remains the sorcerers right arm...still conscience...and unless someone you care about is sacrificed as well, you're pretty much there on your own. Basically, it's 'and I must scream' taken to a whole new level.
    • It gets even worse from the sorcerers perspective. Every time a sorcerer sacrifices someone, they gain that persons memories. Eventually, the built up memories and souls overtake the sorcerer, ultimately transforming him into a monster. And even though you can save former monsters, this eventually earns you the wrath of hired assassins.
  • The monsters...oh god, the monsters.
    • Lets start with the flagship monster, cerberus. Before he became a monster, he was a guardsman who got to enthusiastic about his job, refusing to let anyone in or out of the town he was guarding, despite the fact that there was a deadly plague killing the people off. Eventually, it got to the point where the people were so desperate to get out, they literally stabbed the guard in the back. Of course, the guard was visited by the Chalice and was brought back to life, for the right sacrifice. So what does he do: he sends out his hunting dogs to brutally maul the townspeople to death.
      • The cerberus' current form isn't just your typical three headed hellhound either. He still has the spear that killed him sticking out of his chest.
      • Even before he became a monster, he was nightmare fuel to his own people. Imagine being one of those people. You're trapped in a village by a lunatic guardsman who was once looked upon as a hero. Then one day, a plague sweeps killing hundreds of people, and even more people are being killed off by the guardsman at the gate all because he's to deep in denial to realize what's going on. Pretty much explains why they tried to kill him in the first place.
    • The ogre was originally a chief for a king. Apparently, the king always wanted something new to eat for every meal, even threatening to execute the chief if he wasn't satisfied. Eventually, it got to the point where the chief actually cut out her own tongue to make into soup.
      • Even more horrifying was the fact that the king wanted more of the soup after he had finished.
    • Then there's the leprechauns. Harmless enough, right? WRONG! The leprechauns were originally triplets who were going to become cobblers. In order to impress their father, each brother tried to make the greatest shoes they could. They found that leather made from smarter animals made better shoes, and what animal was smarter than humans. So the three brothers were visited by the chalice; at which point, they actually sacrificed each other to make the greatest shoes ever.
    • The iron maiden was once a simple woman who fell in love with a wounded knight. In order to win his love, the chalice gave the woman the power of healing. How, exactly? By spilling her blood(which was given healing properties). And to make sure the knight was healed, she spilled enough blood to fill three barrels... three large barrels.
    • The incubus was originally a starving artist who gained the ability to paint his dreams from the chalice. What this entails is him actually taking his brush, stabbing it into his head, and pulling his dreams out. Eventually, he decided that best way for his patrons to experience his art is to transform his own body into a canvas and absorbing people into himself. The result: he became a potato sack bodied creature with a canvas for face that has the ability to spew lewd paintings to attack you.
      • The way the lore describes how his patrons line up to partake in his art and how they never come back out. Basically, these people are shelling out money to be absorbed into their deaths.
    • The behemoth used to be a spoiled brat who was constantly feed apples. Eventually, his parents decided it was better to dump him in the woods to spare themselves from his constant hunger. On the brink of starvation, the boy was visited by the chalice. The chalice granted his last request (just one more apple)in the most horrific way imaginable. More specifically, creating an apple tree out of bones...from his back...and forcing his actual body to soak up water from the dirt.
      • If you look closely at the apples themselves, you can actually see mouthes growing on them. Made even creepier that the behemoth actually eats these apples.
    • One of the monsters is known as the jack-o-lantern. Cute, right. No! The jack-o-lantern is the remains of soldiers whose will to fight (plus latent sorcery) caused there souls to rip themselves from their physical bodies and merged with their armor and weapons. The result is a hulking, monster made from molten armor with a glowing core and rocket propelled arms whose only drive in life is to constantly fight with everything that moves.
      • Even more horrifying is the fact that the jack-o-lanterns are one of the few monsters that weren't created through the chalice. Just pure fighting spirit and sorcery. Apparently, you don't even need the chalice's influence to become a monster, just pure desire.
    • The slimes are the more disgusting monsters in the game, resembling hideous, misshapen mounds of gold or flesh.
      • The lore gives a rather detailed description of the transformation into a slime. What happens is that the person making the wish is liquified into viscous soup of flesh and guts. Soon the soup is reformed into a hideous mass, depending on the person's desires. There's also the implication that there is type of slime for all the sins, and we only see two of them. The creepiest part is the fact that at the end of the lore, it actually warns you to beware of your own desires. Meaning: no one is safe from becoming a slime, not even you.
      • In the storyline, two lovers were transformed into slimes by Illecebra. The man was simply transformed by her. The woman on the other had actually transformed because Illecebra told her that her lover was sacrificed. In both cases, the chalice had nothing to do with this.
      • The animated trailer for Soul Sacrifice Delta shows a brief glimpse of what looks like a man transforming into a slime. The main difference is that this transformation is a lot faster, and seemed more painful.
    • Beelzebub was once a duke who was so damn lazy, he never did an honest days work in his life. Even after he lost his fortune and his servants, he just sat on his throne and slowly withered away from starvation. On the brink of death, the duke was visited by the chalice and wished for servants. He got his wish in the form of flies that did everything for him. The only down side: he ended up looking like something out of a fantasy version of "The Fly".
      • The flies don't even look like normal flies anymore. They look like strange little insect demons with sharp little teeth. And one of Beelzebub's attacks is to send a swarm of these things to kill you.
    • The Elven Queen may not seem terrifying at first, then you read her lore. According to the lore, the woman who would become the elven queen ended up in a valley filled with dandelions. The chalice granted her wish of having children by transforming the dandelion fluff into elves. This might not sound like much, but then you find out how she ended up in the valley in the first place: she was running away after having attempted to kidnapping someone's kid all because she couldn't have any of her own. Even after her transformation, she still wants more children of her own. Adult fears don't begin to describe what's going on here.
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