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Nightmare Fuel: Sonic SatAM
This is to show how much grimmer Sonic Sat AM is then Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • If you're used to Robotnik's Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog or early game look and goofy behavior, then this comes into effect when you first see a truly evil Robotnik in this series. A darker version of the Laughably Evil Mad Scientist we love with glaring red eyes and black sclera, who successful took over the world 10 years ago and turning almost everyone into robotic slaves. He's cunning and the only known human on the planet besides his toady nephew.
    Robotnik: Snively, what color is my heart? (Thrusts Snively into a Gross-Up Close-Up of his mouth)
    Snively: I-I don't see a heart, sir...
    Robotnik: Exactly.
  • The Roboticizer. Imagine yourself being forcefully devoted to someone, and you cannot think or do anything for yourself. This describes the Roboticizer. Living things go in, robot slaves come out. And the worst part? The robots are aware of their actions, and can't do anything about it.
    • Made all the worse by the fact that the Roboticizer was originally invented to help people who are dying of sickness, by converting the infected parts to metal. The inventor(Uncle Chuck) has to live with the knowledge that his invention has effectively condemned almost everyone on the planet to a Fate Worse than Death, himself included.
  • In the time travel episode, we get to see that Sonic actually stood in line right behind Uncle Chuck and watched him get roboticized... when he was like FIVE YEARS OLD. Jesus, that's harsh.
  • In Sonic's Nightmare, Sonic envisions Sally being put in the roboticizer while he watches helplessly.
    • Not to mention that quote from Sally..."Where were you when the brains were handed out?"
      • It's likely that was just Sally taking a jab at Sonic's stupidity. Said quote is an actual way of insulting someone in real life for their alleged lack of intelligence.
  • Tails nearly getting trampled by a Terapod herd in "Sonic Past Cool."
  • The robot double from "Sonic and Sally" could very well have been a roboticized Mobian.
  • The glowing red eyes against a black background in the finale.
  • The end of "Ultra Sonic" where Uncle Chuck reverts back into an automaton with no free will and starts snarling at his nephew like a rabid dog, prompting Bunnie to drag Sonic away. Again, keep in mind that while this is going on, Uncle Chuck's completely aware of it and yet can't do a thing.
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