Nightmare Fuel / Sonic SatAM

This is to show how much grimmer Sonic SatAM is than Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic... where were you when the brains were handed out... Brains... Brains... BRAINS..

  • If you're used to Robotnik's Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog or early game look and goofy behavior, then this comes into effect when you first see a truly evil Robotnik in this series. A darker version of the Laughably Evil Mad Scientist we love with glaring red eyes and black sclera, who successfully took over the world 10 years ago and turned almost everyone into robotic slaves. He's cunning and the only known human on the planet besides his toady nephew.
    Robotnik: Snively, what color is my heart? (Thrusts Snively into a Gross-Up Close-Up of his mouth)
    Snively: I-I don't see a heart, sir...
    Robotnik: Exactly.
  • The Roboticizer. Imagine yourself being forcefully devoted to someone, and you cannot think or do anything for yourself. This describes the Roboticizer. Living things go in, robot slaves come out. And the worst part? The robots are aware of their actions, and can't do anything about it.
    • Made all the worse by the fact that the Roboticizer was originally invented to help people who are dying of sickness, by converting the infected parts to metal. The inventor (Uncle Chuck) has to live with the knowledge that his invention has effectively condemned almost everyone on the planet to a Fate Worse Than Death, himself included.
  • Sonic's DISTURBING purple eyes in "No Brainer"
  • In the time travel episode, we get to see that Sonic actually stood in line right behind Uncle Chuck and watched him get roboticized... when he was like FIVE YEARS OLD. Jesus, that's harsh.
  • In Sonic's Nightmare, Sonic envisions Sally being put in the roboticizer while he watches helplessly.
  • Tails nearly getting trampled by a Terapod herd in "Sonic Past Cool."
  • The robot double from "Sonic and Sally" could very well have been a roboticized Mobian.
  • The glowing red eyes against a black background in the finale.note 
    Snively: YES! HAHAHAHA! So...the big round guy finally let Sonic defeat him! Well don't start celebrating too soon, Hedgehog, now it's MY turn! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AND I'M NOT ALONE!!! (shows a pair of glowing red eyes behind him)
  • The end of "Ultra Sonic" where Uncle Chuck reverts back into an automaton with no free will and starts snarling at his nephew like a rabid dog, prompting Bunnie to drag Sonic away. Again, keep in mind that while this is going on, Uncle Chuck's completely aware of it and yet can't do a thing.
  • Ben Hurst's original plans for Nicole: she used to be a child prodigy, and Sally's best friend; Robotnik takes notice of this and has his SWATbots bring her to him one day. He says that she's been selected to participate in a research project, but first he needs to give her some forms for her parents to sign. She agrees and follows him into a room with a machine that he asks if she will let him connect her to, to make sure it'll fit. He proceeds to transfer her consciousness to the computer said machine is hooked up to, killing her original body—that's right, Robotnik just straight-up murdered a child—and leaving Nicole, now an AI, trapped in her handheld. She realizes she's dead and that she'll have to work for Robotnik, and begins analyzing the potential results: strip every sentient being on Mobius of their free will, leaving her completely alone, or make everyone happy at the cost of also removing their free will. She instead suppresses her personality, mind-wipes Robotnik, and manipulates him into handing her over to King Max, who in turn entrusts her to Sally, who's unaware that the AI is all that remains of her best friend. One can only imagine what her parents were going through.
  • The Nasty Hyenas. Yes, they're bit-part characters from one of the two "dual-story" episodes, but still, they're nomadic marauders who lure victims into joining their group by treating them as their new king, only to eat them when they grow bored of them. They're Mobians who are eating other Mobians. For no reason other than the fact they like it. That's a spine-tingling concept, and it shows just what kind of hellhole Mobius has devolved into as a result of Robotnik's rule.
  • Even Dulcy's background is a bit horrifying if you think about it. Long story short, Robotnik captured and roboticized most of the dragons save for a select few, of which Dulcy is one of the remainders. Early on, her mother Sabina was captured offscreen (which we do get to see in greater detail in the comics), leaving her all alone until she joined the Freedom Fighters. And as if it wasn't enough that she's one of the Last of Her Kind, she's still a child at heart and essentially the baby of the group from a mental standpoint. Robotnik's takeover forced a child into a horrific struggle without allowing her to learn to grow up!