Nightmare Fuel: Solitary

  • Isolation, for a lot of people.
  • The guests losing their sense of time. VAL reinforces this with her "Good morning/evening/afternoon" catchphrase.
  • The guests slowly becoming demoralized and, in some cases, going mad.
  • The video of intentional disturbing and demoralizing images. In the season 1 finale it's played on the walls of the cell the guests are locked in.
  • The nail chair, the bed of nails, and the footbed of nails.
  • The slowly shrinking cell in the season 1 finale.
  • The final Treatment of Season 2 became literal Nightmare Fuel for Number 7, as he confessed in the reunion show.
  • Season 3's deep-voiced, red, male VAL.
  • The Season 3 finale's final treatment, involving electrocution.
  • Season 4 has a head of nails with weights to press it onto your head.
  • Season 4's final test involved a bomb.
  • Some of the music can be pretty unnerving, like tracks with a Heartbeat Soundtrack.
  • The endings to each season, where the winners are kept in Solitary permanently, as VAL has come to enjoy their company.