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Nightmare Fuel: Slender: The Arrival
This is a game based off of the Slender Man Mythos. Did you expect this to be a hilarious, bizarre Mind Screw?

  • The Arrival's ending. After everything you went through, you end up trapped in a room with a charred body and crazed writings on the wall. The door is locked behind you and your flashlight is completely drained. When you go closer to the body, you find a camcorder which plays audio of a man and woman screaming. Once the audio stops playing, you hear the door open; creepy images flicker on the screen...and then the credits roll.
    • The second ending is worse: you go through the first ending only to black out and be THROWN OFF THE RADIO TOWER by Slender Man.
      • What makes that ending worse is you're still awake after you fall.
      • Made even more horrible if you think that maybe it's only the camera that's still rolling. The main character could be dead.
    • The section of the level leading up to the ending is pretty damn unnerving in its own right. Running for your life through a raging forest fire with Slendy at your heels? Sounds like fun!
      • It gets much, much, MUCH more horrible if you're terrified of fire. Sweet dreams.
  • The end of the first level in The Arrival, where you enter Kate's room and walk to the broken window, then, in the hear a long, blood-curdling scream.
  • Scared of running from Slendy? How about running from Slendy AND a masked girl in a hoodie who will tear you apart?
    • Worse, the snarling, feral proxy is heavily implied to be your missing friend Kate. Who was likely the unseen protagonist from Slender: The Eight Pages.
  • A secret level in The Arrival is little else but this. You wander about the house, with the ground outside being invisible and the polygons making up the house walls acting sporadically. Slender Man wants to play hide and seek.
    "I like you. I want to play a game."
    • As you explore the house, bursts of Slender Static keep teleporting you about the House. The Slender Man is just toying with you, and he somehow is able to teleport you within his grasp.
    • It is impossible to win the secret level, you simply wander helplessly around- distortions getting stronger and stronger- until he finds you.
    • Made even worse by the interface screw on the main menu. You're taken back to the main menu at some point during the secret level; none of the options except "play game" or "quit game" work and if you try to select a level, the levels are all replaced with images of the missing child poster that triggers the level. Slender Man is able to break the fourth wall in order to screw with you.
    • To cap off the secret level's nightmare fuel: once Slender Man catches you, you are immobilized and set on fire. You cannot move; you can only frantically look around and see the Slender Man getting gradually closer. It even ends with a sentence flat-out saying "you are dead."
    • The picture of the young boy with the parted hair is what triggers the map and after you get found you get a nice view of the overlap of the boy's face on top of the Slender Man's faceless face. Either it implies the young boy was the most recent victim of the Slender Man, or the Slender Man was at one point a young boy. And until you exit and restart it, every time you try to replay the map it'll show the two pictures overlapping with the game over static, preceded by you staring up into the sky, motionless- given that you're still dead.
  • CR's fate. Next to a charred body is a camera. Recorded on it are CR and Kate meeting at the radio tower to kill themselves so the Slender Man can't spread his web of fear. Kate gets cold feet, and runs screaming that she can't do it. But CR can. And his screams of pain as he immolates himself are horrifying.
  • With the new update for the Arrival, a new level has been added. It's a remake of the original Eight Pages. When you collect all eight pages and Slender Man catches you, he says "I have plans for you, Kate".
  • The Steam version of the game had a bonus level, which revealed Charlie's fate. he was turned into a Proxy, and is still alive. As you play through the last level, he sits at the entrance. Watching your every move. Not for the faint of heart.

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