Nightmare Fuel: Skrillex

  • Skrillex's music has has gotten so heavy at points that it dips in to this, to the point where the song linked has been frequently described as "like a T-rex having violent sex with Optimus Prime", as well as being considered like the Death Metal of Dubstep by some.
  • He has a song called "Kill EVERYBODY". As if the title wasn't enough, the high-pitched voice singing "I want to kill everybody in the world...I want to eat your heart" is pretty damn unnerving. If you listen closely, at the part where it first says "I... want to eat your heart...", you can then hear what, to some, sounds like the licking of teeth and lips.
  • His remix of "Born This Way", where the central melody is made from manipulation of what seems to be somebody screaming...But you can't really tell what it is. Also the biggest case of Mood Whiplash of any of his music period, since the rest of the song is quite normal.
  • "Scatta". Just the bassline? It's like a Decepticon being murdered!
  • The Humanoid Abomination in the video for "First Of The Year"
  • "First Of The Year" as a song too; a distorted high pitched voice, deep bass synths, minor key horn chords, and then it all cuts out and CALL 911 NOW!
  • The second video for Breakn' a Sweat turns into this in the section of the video where the weird grey fanged elf-alien things end up on Earth. One of them is pregnant and goes into labor there. The way the video ends is nauseating, albeit with Gory Discretion Shot.
  • Every Skrillex song simultaneously