Nightmare Fuel: Shokugeki no Soma

  • Subaru Mimasaka alone is this trope. He's a creepy stalker and can make very disturbing faces. Like this.
    • Not to mention all the stuff he knows about people, which makes others reasonably very creeped out.
    • Chapter 77 reaches new levels with him. The "King of Stalkers" is so horrifying that he's like a devil.
    • Chapter 79 further cements his status as Nightmare Fuel. Even after Takumi's improvisation to the dish Mimasaka copied, Mimasaka predicted even THAT and planned accordingly. The two-page spread at the end of the chapter (and Takumi's reaction) fully expresses just how scary Mimasaka can be.
    • In Chapter 80 Mimasaka was already inside Soma's room waiting for him, to the horror of the other residents (and Ikumi, who was also visiting), showing that he could freely get anywhere he wants. Doubles as a mini-Crowning Moment of Awesome for Soma and his Nerves of Steel for keeping a straight face to this.
      • From the same chapter, Subaru pretty much threatened the angry girls from Takumi's fanclub by telling them he could have stalked every single one of them if he had more time. They immediately went silent with fear.
    • In Chapter 86, Mimasaka reveals to have obtained a lot of information on Souma's action plan from Mitsuru's cover story on him. We then see a picture of him hiding underneath the desk of the computer Mitsuru was using, without the latter noticing. See him in the fullness of his stalker's glory.
  • Chapter 73: Hisako Arato of all people brings up this moment. She beheads a living turtle infront of the audience and opens its shell. And she doesn't even flinch at all.
  • Maybe Played for Laughs, but acute readers would certainly feel a tinge of horror when they see Senzaemon's fundoshi coming off after tasting Megumi's cooking. The parallel to his 'stripping as he recognizes immense talent' is acceptable enough, but shouldn't the people involved choose something less sexual about it?