Nightmare Fuel / Scream

  • The beginning of the movie. Imagine being in Casey's position where you can't put the phone down and call for help without the killer calling you first and keeping you from being able to reach anyone, there's a possible chance you're doomed if you go out either door, you're can't go help your loved one unless you play by some stalker's rules (which may not do you any good even if you do well in their game).
  • No one should ever have to hear their own daughter dying on the phone like Casey's parents did.
  • Though we never see Maureen get murdered, Sidney having seen her own mother's dead body counts as one.
  • The climax of the movie. Sidney has been betrayed by the guy she just gave her virginity to who she's been with for two years, her best friend's boyfriend is also the culprit, she's cornered in the kitchen by two people who she now can't even recognize, and she's paying for something she wasn't even responsible for. After being chased, lead to believe her boyfriend was now dead, finding Tatum, seemingly losing the last bit of protection she had left in Dewey, and then coming to this, when Sidney is being held by Billy now, she has her eyes closed as if this really IS just a nightmare.
  • In the TV Series, Will is being held near some farm equipment, and when Emma tries to go to him to free him, it sets off the trap, and we get to see Will eviscerated right in front of Emma. With the stabbing of Jake and the death of Will, suspects for the identity of Ghost-Face are themselves beginning to die or be badly injured...