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Nightmare Fuel: Scream
The fact that the "rope" may be her guts just adds another layer of horror.

The movie is called Scream. Do you think that you're not gonna be screaming at some point during it?

  • Scream
    • The first fifteen minutes. Even knowing in advance that Casey and Steve are going to die, the buildup of tension, the progression of the phone calls from seemingly innocent to malicious, and the grisly ends met by both characters are enough to jar one out of their seat. Now, imagine seeing that in a theater in 1996, thinking that Drew Barrymore was going to be the Final Girl...
    • And speaking of Final Girls, the final confrontation between Sidney and the Ghostface killers, Billy and Stu.
    • Ghostface Suddenly Shouting the first time he calls Sidney: "IF YOU HANG UP ON ME YOU'LL DIE, JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER! Do you wanna die, Sidney? Your mother sure didn't."
    • The scene where Tatum goes to the garage to get beer. The door slowly creaks shut behind her and she turns around to see Ghostface standing right behind her. She flirts with him until he pulls out a knife and starts cutting her arm. She wrestles her arm free, fights him and then decides to try to escape through the garage door. Unfortunately, she gets stuck underneath the garage door. Ghostface makes the garage door open, crushing her head like a sponge ball.
    • The "Everybody's a suspect scene." Its scary enough that what Randy says could be the truth. But when Billy confronts him about it in the video store. As well as the fact that both he and Stu scare Randy into admitting what his motive was, if he was the killer. and this is before Billy and Stu were revealed as the killers.
    • Ghostface's murderous pursuit of women has uncomfortable rape undertones to it.
    • Roger L. Jackson's Ghostface voice.
  • Scream 2
    • Randy being offed in broad daylight as oblivious college students pass by was quite disturbing.
      • That's not even the real nightmarish part. The real nightmare-inducing thing is just how utterly destroyed he was. There was absolutely NO REASON he had to go down like that. There Is No Kill Like Overkill indeed.
    • The opening in the movie theater. Jada Pinkett's acting may be over the top, but getting brutally stabbed while tons of people cheer is pretty horrifying.
  • Scream 3
    • Mixing with Paranoia Fuel, Ghostface in this film uses a voice changer to mimic ANY voice. Not only could Ghostface talk to people in other people's voices, but he could also appear as Maureen Prescott, someone that has been dead for several years at that point.
  • Scream 4
    • The bit with Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin in the opening, even if it's just part of a Film Within a Film. The way that Kristen just stabs Anna in the gut, and then calmly tells her to sit down and watch the movie, is chilling. Since you expect the killer to be wearing the Ghostface mask and robes, it's a definite left hook.
    • The fact that an normal everyday person could turn into a horrifying serial killer for fame is truly scary.
    • Olivia's death within plain sight of her friends while the police are supposed to be right outside of the house keeping watch, reinforcing that there is no such thing as "safe" in a horror film. Combine that with the fact that she got arguably the most brutal death in the entire series.

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