Nightmare Fuel / Schlock Mercenary

  • As if Schlock wasn't disturbing enough.
  • Illustrated in-universe in this strip.
    • Some more in-universe use during the Tough's stint in Haven Hive. Anyone that's watched Schlock get to work when unarmed tends to be terrified into submission, to the point one hostage demanded to be treated as a bullet shield instead.
  • Schlock and Ennesby find out where abductees on a station have gone.
  • Weaponized Blood Nannites are cruel, probably qualify as a WMD, and certainly cause nightmares.
  • Laz-R-Us/Redhack. You are now an immortal being... and a deep-black intelligence agency now has a backdoor into your brain. They have absolutely no qualms wiping your mind clean and installing a copy of a sadistic sociopath in your head for whatever purpose they need. Worse, if the gestalt of your mind is fresh enough, there's a good chance the violent monster that replaced you can successfully pretend to be you... and if that fails, they can just transform into an armored monstrosity and kill everything you have ever known and loved to keep their cover.
  • We finally get our first look at a Pa'anuri.
  • Hearing this out of your now-crazed shipmind.