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Nightmare Fuel / Scandal

  • The corrupt politicians ruling the country, and the well intentioned president and his generous chess mastering mistress being outsmarted and unable to protect any innocent menacing the reputation of the corrupt politicians from undergoing public humiliation and denigration at the hands of said corrupt chiefs.
  • The CIA trying to turn its agents into hyper skilled sociopaths and kidnapping an innocent woman, who just menaced the reputation of someone the man who sent them wanted to protect and promote.
    • Gets worse in Season 2, when the use of Cold-Blooded Torture becomes even more widespread, and it becomes clear that the CIA has taught some of agents to enjoy torturing others.
    • The really scary part. In Season 3, the Commander of B6-13 does not seem to be entirely sane. If the guy in charge of a super-secret unofficial government agency made up of assassins went insane... How would any one know? And who would dare call him on it?
  • Down to the angelic first lady and the president's wholesome chief of staff and his kind advisor, everyone's a Manipulative Bastard who may think Utopia Justifies the Means, or that It's All About Me, or cry Crocodile Tears.
  • How the utter simplicity with which Hollis Doyle managed to rig the election of the President of the United States? Admittedly the election was close but how many key elections are swung by only a few thousand votes here and there?
    • Even worse if you consider that some journalists (Greg Palast is a good example) have alleged that things like this have already happened.
  • Huck basically stalks an unremarkable family so that he can vicariously live a normal life through them, and shares this habit with his girlfriend Becky. When he double crosses her, she callously murders them all as an act of revenge, even the pet dog — and they would have had no idea why.
  • The entire cold open of "Y.O.L.O."
  • During the S3 election, everyone running for President is a murderer.
  • In Season 5's "Thwack," the violent death of Andrew Nichols at the hands (and chair) of Olivia Pope. ABC put two warning logos before and during the episode.