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And this is one of the less dangerous traps.

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  • Really, the concept of the movies. A psychopathic Knight Templar with an equally psychotic moral philosophy is forcing people to mutilate themselves as a form of "rehabilitation" or else they die... and that's because said psychopath believes they are wasting their lives in immorality without suffering for it. Now, if you happen to have done any of the things that got characters in the films killed (which include: self harming, drugs, alcohol abuse, getting a divorce, taking antidepressants, being even slightly unfaithful to your partner, lying about your health, and more) and then are foolish enough to watch the movies, good luck sleeping. You'll be checking your closets for girls in pig masks for weeks.
  • Meta example: Those traps are terrifying by themselves. What's more terrifying is that someone in the real world had to make sure they are somewhat plausible.
    • Most (if not all) of the traps are based on actual torture or death devices. Screenwriter Leigh Whannell described it as "only scratching the surface of how horrible human beings have been to one another for all eternity."

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