Nightmare Fuel / Saints Row: The Third

  • The lengths STAG go to in order to stop the Saints. They are perfectly willing to commit terrorist acts to make you look bad, and if it takes destroying Steelport, then so be it. If Boss survives this s\he does go terrorist.
  • The rather brutal Neck Snap murder of Kiki by Killbane. Especially how easy it was for him to break a neck with one hand, he just moved his thumb and it broke.
  • One of the games on Professor Genki's show is to eat yourself. And this pleases Genki.
    • The next game involves being eaten alive, by humans dressed up as dogs and infected with rabies. And this pleases Genki too.
    • A radio ad that can be heard also mentions games like "Stingray Dunk Tank" and "Don't Eat the Razor Blade" that thankfully doesn't go into much detail about how they are played.
    • Don't forget the game show "Baby or Cobra," which apparently just consists of a podium and two bullet ridden crates.
  • The zombie island is this for many people. It starts off simple enough with mayor Burt Reynolds tasking Boss and Viola with cleaning up a small zombie outbreak confined to an isolated district of the city. When the Boss arrives they quickly find the streets deathly quiet and abandoned except for the shambling undead, who can run and grab the Boss once they surround him. In addition to this there are flaming zombies that can catch the player on fire and stunlock them as well as (thankfully weakened) brute zombies. After the Boss takes care of one of the gas containers causing the zombies Viola becomes trapped and needs a quick rescue, but things aren't over once the two meet back up. The Boss manages to get their facemask damaged and have to hold out for a short time at a local Rim Jobs so Viola can repair it. As the Boss keeps her safe they slowly start to turn and mention that the bodies are starting to look tasty. Fortunately, Viola repairs the mask just in time and they finish the job... But not before possibly keeping a sample of the virus for themselves so that the Saints can create zombies of their own. It really doesn't help that this mission is at an almost complete contrast to the mood of the rest of the game and feels more like 28 Days Later than a gangster crime sim. Finally, as if all of the above wasn't enough, the player can enter the cheat code "brains" at any time to infest the entire city with zombies!
  • Seeing sweet little Jenny slowly turn from an innocent fangirl into a psychotic murderer in the "Gangstas in Space" DLC. Right before she snaps and kills Zhen she looks absolutely deranged. Even BOSS is scared at this point!
    "Uh, Jenny? You got that crazy look in your eye... Jenny?!"
  • In one mission on the path to confront Killbane you have to kill off the wrestlers scheduled to fight him in upcoming bouts using a gun that lets you remote control vehicles. First you crash a wrestler's car, laughs are had as he freaks out. Then you have to crash a boat into another wrestler's beach party, yet more laughs as the boats rich jerk owner complains about it "malfunctioning." You bump off the third wrestler by crashing a helicopter into the one he's traveling in, which is when things take a dark turn. As soon as you take control all you hear is the helicopter pilot's terrified whimpering until you crash into the wrestler.
  • The Groin Attack button gets a nod on both the Awesome and the Funny pages, but try using it on someone while the chainsaw is equipped and... Oi.
  • In a meta sense, the mission "http://deckers.die" when played on PC: Matt's hacking trickery is all in good fun, but before the final confrontation with him, the scene starts to stutter before crashing. Imagine playing this on PC, then thinking your computer just froze up and crashed.