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Nightmare Fuel: SHREK
This page is for Nightmare Fuel examples from the first film only, as well as any tie-in specials without their own page. Please put examples for specific films on their designated pages.
  • Shrek's roar. Especially when taken in context. Video here.
  • Dragon's first impression can be rather frightening, with her sheer ferociousness doubled with all the skeletal corpses scattered around her castle.
  • Some of the film's technical goofs, which include things like Fiona without a face. Just a pair of floating eyeballs and a mouth. These were considered so terrifying that it was supposedly the reason why they were left off of the film's Blu-ray release.
  • There is now an indie horror game for Shrek, done similar to Slenderman. Go on Youtube to see a Walkthrough.

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