Nightmare Fuel / RosenkreuzStilette

RosenkreuzStilette is not only a Japanese doujin game series that brings nostalgia to many long-time gamers (especially to fans of Mega Man and Castlevania), it also has its share of horrifying moments.

Beware of heavy story and character spoilers below
  • Zorne's conversation theme, "Sinner", composed by Unlimited Hellest. The church organs, evil Ethereal Choirs and violins, and heavy metal bass playing in the background while you're talking with Zorne may give some players chills. And to top it all off? Not only is it Darker and Edgier than her ''Rosenkreuzstilette'' stage theme and her Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel stage theme, but it's even darker than several other dialogue themes.
  • The Grolla Stage is set in the dark outskirts of the country, eventually leading into a catacombs and a cemetery, teeming with the undead complete with Ominous Latin Chanting.
    • As Grolla Stage just wasn't enough in the first game, her Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel version boasts several more Ghost 'n Goblins references, including a familiar Astaroth mini-boss. Oh, and a bloody rainstorm near the end.
    • Also in Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, her boss fight at the end shows a Ghost 'n Goblins reference showing Lucifer in the background. His appearance is revealed even more by the time Grolla Turns Red.
    • In the trial version updates and in the final product of Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, her stage background music is "Acid Rain" by Sound Prison, which is much darker and foreboding than her background music from the first game.
    • Not to forget, a vision of Raimund possesses Grolla through her Grollschwert in the same game. In the Story Mode, you can even see her shedding a tear of pain because of her possession.
  • In Sichte's stage of Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, there's "Medusa Head" ersatz floating around that's more creepier-looking than any Castlevania game.
  • Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle, full-stop. She's a Creepy Child and misanthrope with an antisocial nature who distrusts others and will stop at nothing to kill anybody who breaks their word.
  • The Demon's Wall in the first game, complete with blood-red tint, is sure to give you nightmares every time you fight it. Not just because it's That One Boss, but also because of its bloody tint.
  • Not only is Raimund as The Grim Reaper pretty frightening in looks, but every time he enlarges his Grollschwert and has it rain down on your head, be prepared to get an expression of horror on your own face.
    • And after you defeat him, his own scythe decapitates him a la Death from Rondo of Blood; now imagine how terrifying (and heartbreaking) it was for Grolla to personally lay her grandfather to rest, by his own blade no less.
  • Count Michael Zeppelin's demonic One-Winged Angel form is frightening enough to make your hair stand on end. This was a given considering he's an expy of Dracula.
  • In Iris Stage II in Spiritia's side of the story in the first game, as you get near the end of the stage, you see a beholder (a giant floating eyeball) observing you from the background. When you get to the boss room, Lilli, with a nervously scared expression on her face, comments that the beholder has been staring at you for quite a while. As Tia says that Iris must be watching them from her ballroom through the beholder, suggesting that it serves as her palace's main camera, just then, Lilli warns Tia that something is behind her, and just as the large door closes behind her, what does what's behind her turn out to be but pieces of the stage's boss, the Deviled Egg! Think that's creepy enough? Just wait until you see the forest background behind the windows turn different shades of red as the boss fight starts after the door closes, complete with a creepy heartbeat sound.
    Lilli: "Tia, that eyeball's been staring at us for quite a while..."
    Spiritia: "It's got to be Iris. I'm sure she's watching us, wherever she is..."
    Lilli: "...! Tia, behind you!"
  • Eifer Skute. A creepy and emotionless girl with Hellish Pupils, Creepy Monotone, and a Dissonant Serenity minus the smile. Just the blank expression on her face is already unsettling. Let's not forget her violently-fluctuating emotions and mood.
  • The Refraktia Stage has some pretty scary stuff as well. You just have to check out the wraiths floating around, and not to mention everything turning completely dark except for you, because you are the only one the light is shown around in a circular shape. Plus, the way Lecht & Rink attack is pretty scary as well. And did we mention that Rink is actually a magical imaginary friend conjured up by Lecht?
  • The Pamela Stage's Game Over screen picture. She's supposed to represent Adol Christin, but the picture only manages to make her look REALLY creepy.
    • They also put in Game Over screen from Shadowgate and Uninvited, both times featuring Raimund (at Raimund's stage in the first game, Grolla's in the second), and they're taken mostly word-for-word from the original game instead of fun wordings, which are already creepy already, and made creepier with the RKS' Game Over music.
  • Iris Zeppelin. You'd think that a sweet and innocent girl who was taken captive by a dragon wouldn't have an dark side? Well, you are dead wrong. Iris Zeppelin is evil. She single-handedly orchestrated an all-out war with the Magi against the Empire, imprisoned Liebea's brother for knowing too much about her plans, pitted Spiritia's friend's against each other in life-or-death confrontations, and mercilessly kills a priest in her Rosenkreuzstilette Grollschwert opening. And for what reason she would commit such horrible, inhuman acts? Being one who may have inherited Rosenkreuz's immense knowledge, she grew tried of knowing just about everything about this world and wants to alleviates her boredom by starting this war — just for laughs.
    • The way she kills her own father because he was useless in her eyes makes you want to scream bloody murder. And what happens next? She attacks your character! As Spiritia, the attack reduces her vitality to 1, no matter how much HP she has remaining! Yikes!
    • Just imagine what it would be like to have a child, who you know and loved for many years, suddenly shows their horrifying true nature by killing you in cold blood out of the blue, never knowing the monster inside them.
      • Even after being brought back from the dead, Count Zeppelin was still willing to protect Iris — he was still willing to protect his murderer, oblivious to the truth.
    • The first form of Iris' mech in the first game. It has blood-covered rocks and crystals on its underside with sharp, bloody teeth protecting its canopy.
      • The second mechanical fortress she pilots in RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel is just as creepy. The first form looks exactly the same... and then you get to its second form, which resembles a giant skull with blood-stained spikes on the bottom.
    • The way she sometimes laughs after killing you during the final battle of the first game.
    • Freudia's ending in Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel is either this or the best way to finish off a monster. Freudia freezes Iris for good. After seeing Iris crying out in her final moments, it makes one wonder who's cold-hearted here, though also somehow fitting since after how many monstrous atrocities Iris has inflicted and how showing mercy would not work as shown with the first game, looks like going cold-hearted is the only way.
  • Some of the April Fool's Day gags have some creepiness of their own:
    • The first April Fool's Day from 2008, which featured a screenshots of the would-be RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel, one of them showed Freudia fighting against a newer version of Iris Machine buried in the blood-red mana crystals forming from the boss and to the ground, with the background being a featureless void with an eclipse while sporting a massive life bar compared to yours.
    • The (missed) 2011 April Fool's Day joke had few Castlevania-themed mock screenshots which featured Kahl fighting a horde of bloodied zombies, and said zombies bleed profusely upon taking damage à la the uncut version Rockman Zero, a jarring change since enemies in the series always take damage similarly to the classic Mega Man games.
    • 2013 brought RosenkreuzStilette Lusteatem, which centered around the series' resident Cloudcuckoolander Luste Teuber in various gags and mock screenshots. One screenshot however featured Luste going through a stage (most likely an Iris stage given the gold-colored theme) while dressed up as Schwer-Muta, with the background featuring the Deviled Eggs from the first game coated in blood and suspended by chains, all while staring at the player.