Nightmare Fuel: Rose of Versailles

An old shoujo that is very intense in the Tear Jerker fields, but isn't necessarily a slouch in the scary ones.

  • The death of King Louis XV of smallpox in chapter 9, which eventually leaves him with rotting skin and parts of his skull becoming exposed, while he was still alive!
  • The scene in chapter 10 where a duke shoots a child in the back after he stole some money from him. And they don't cut away, you see it all. Especially jarring considering the cute shoujo style of the manga.
  • Charlotte becoming the Creepy Child version of The Ophelia. Even before she threw herself off a tower, the whole scen was completely heartbreaking as well as really scary.
  • In episode 26, Andre goes through Eye Scream via the still not Heel-Face Turn-ed Bernard. The imaginery in the anime (Bernard uses his sword to slash through Andre's mask and eye) may not be at the level of modern horror manga, but it's still unpleasant enough to make you wince. Not helped by Andre screaming, then collapsing to the ground and whispering "M-my eyes...", then attempting to reach for Bernard as Oscar screams...
    • And then there's the scary squishy noise made by André´s eye as it's injured.
  • And in episode 32, the sight of Dianne de Soissons's lifeless and rotting body is very tame in regards to how it would be done now, but still unpleasant to watch. Unless you can't see it... through your tears.
    • Compared to the manga Dianne's corpse looks like Sleeping Beauty in the anime. In the manga, her body has already started to decompose. It's a view straight from a horror manga. Ewwww. Waaaaah!