[[caption-width-right:350:[[SchmuckBait Marion, don't look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don't look at it, no matter what happens!]]]]

* Indiana Jones' traitorous companion having several tarantulas on his back, which Jones casually pushes off his body.
* Jones' traitorous assistant impaled upon the booby trap Indy and he managed to escape from earlier. His horrified expression makes it even more unnerving.
-->'''Indy:''' [[IronicEcho Adios]], stupido.
* Major Toht threatening to burn Marion with a poker in The Raven bar. Heck, everything with Toht is terrifying due to the Gestapo RealitySubtext that surrounds him.
-->'''Toht''': Fraulein Ravenwood, let me show you what I am used to...
* The Well of Souls is this trope both for the audience and [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Indy]]. ''Unbelievable'' amounts of snakes. And mummies. [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs And snakes slithering out of the mummies.]] '''GAH.'''
* While the Ark is being transported, it makes a eerie humm before it burns the swastika on the box it's being held in. Considering what it does in the finale, [[FridgeHorror what else can the Ark do with its lid on?]]
* The (in)famous "opening of the Ark" sequence from the finale is incredibly jarring for a viewer who has thus far enjoyed an action/adventure movie with a relatively light tone. The shot of a head imploding on itself, followed by a melting face (pictured) - quickly followed by an ''exploding head'' - would have been enough to give plenty of theatre-goers nightmares.
** The moment the spirits that emerge from the Ark turn hostile is utterly nightmarish. At first, they're serene - even beautiful, as Belloq declares - and then they suddenly start to shift into skull-face terrors, snarling at those daring to look upon the open Ark.
** On top of the visual horror, [[HellIsThatNoise the sound]] [[spoiler: of Dietrich's head imploding. You can hear his brain matter turn to goop and his bones crunching! To further add to the nightmare fuel, there's the horrific hissing sound Toht's boiling blood makes, coupled with his screams getting muffled by the gurgling of his mouth filling with blood. ''And those screams continue as he becomes skeletonized.'']] [[SarcasmMode Sweet dreams...]]
** Of all the things to remain in Area 51, the Ark is the only one that should be there. If you ever read the Bible or listened to Indy's warning, it's made pretty clear that you should NEVER OPEN THE ARK!
* Earlier in the film, a GiantMook is chopped up by the propeller of an airplane and while it happens off-screen, the copious amounts of blood on-screen are jarring, considering the Ark scene aside, the film is rather light on blood.
** It's never made clear, but in the long shot of the plane shortly before it explodes, a large smear across the sand with some chunky bits is seen near the plane....