Nightmare Fuel / [REC]
Don't make a sound...
  • The last 20 minutes or so of the first film. Think of it this way: You're stumbling around in pitch blackness, dependent on the night vision on a guy's video camera in order to see any of the bad things you know you're locked in the building with... which are all demon-possessed rage zombies. Sweet dreams.
  • The Medeiros girl. Emaciated, tall, animalistic, and possessed by demons.
  • Any time Jennifer is shown after she becomes infected, especially the way she just suddenly appears behind everyone else as they're looking for her.
  • [REC]3: Clara becoming an infected and ripping out Koldo´s tongue and lips as they kiss. It even becomes worse by the fact that they are immediately shot and killed by the soldiers who are surrounding them.
  • [REC]2: The infected children.
  • [REC]2: The final shot (before the flashback) has the possessed Ángela staring directly into the camera, smirking evilly, before the film cuts to the flashback.