Nightmare Fuel / Queen of Shadows

  • The I'm a Humanitarian appetites of the Gani tribe (especially their General, Tsume's, particular fondness for brains), which even the other Shadowkhan are disturbed and disgusted by.
  • Bachi the tanuki's desire to eat Jade, and his attitude once he reveals his true nature.
  • Yasashi hates the Shadowkhan so much that she's willing to kill a defenseless Jade in order to destroy them.
  • Jade outright calls Kuro and Tsume Nightmare Fuel and is grateful that Sanshobo wears a mask.
  • Shendu's first scene in the new reality sees him incinerating a slave girl for fun. And it's implied this is a regular occurrence.
  • Tsume's story of how the Gani came to be. Long ago, a Queen was betrayed by a Ryujin ally, who mutilated the Queen by chopping off her hands and magically ensuring they couldn't be restored. The Queen's rage at this gave birth to the Gani. In their first act of service, they hunted down and captured the Ryujin and took her back to the Queen (snacking on the "less important" parts of her on the way). Once she was presented to the Queen, they held a banquet, during which the first Gani General proceeded to feed the Ryujin to the Queen piece by piece.
  • Jade mentions that her experiences with battle would be enough to make a shrink either be excited or horrified to have sessions with her, and when Koeri (using a bluff of threatening to commit suicide), gets her to try bonding with feminine things like writing poetry, the poetry she writes is filled with blood and death.
  • The Battle of Awaji shows off both A) the brutality of Medieval warfare, and B) the true horror of facing an enemy like the Gani. One moment that stands out is Tsume reflecting on how a woman killed her own children to avoid Tsume devouring them (specifically, he's thinking of this while he's actually eating her).
    • The immediate aftermath of the battle's conclusion: as Tsume is being sealed, Jade has a nightmare of being surrounded by the spirits of past Queens, before one (implied to be the original Kagehime) warns her that she's in danger and gouges her eyes out. And then, Jade is hit with the psychic backlash of the Gani being torn away, which is described as feeling like her intestines are being ripped out.