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Nightmare Fuel: Pokémon Peace Squad
The Pokémon Peace Squad series is as a whole Darker and Edgier that anything else in the franchise, but does that mean there's more potential for Nightmare Fuel? Heck yeah, there is!

Pokémon Peace Squad 1

  • The Hex Maniac that Aeris was using to communicate through being possessed and later killed by an evil spirit can be creepy.
  • Yuriko Hartache having been killed by the very creature she was researching can send chills down someone's spine. The fact that you then encounter said creature yourself adds to this.

Pokémon Peace Squad: Chaos Adventure

  • Two words: Death Castle. This stage is Nightmare Fuel incarnate! First off, the castle gives off a Halloween vibe, is populated by various Ghost-type Pokémon as wells as ghosts of other kinds, and contains an immeasurable number of deathtraps, ranging from swinging axes to spiked ceilings, crushing walls, burning pits of fire, trap doors, flame-spewing vents, a huge stone hammer, and who knows what else! The fact that these are present indicates that some who tried to cross the halls of this castle may have met with a terrible end and that the ghosts and Ghost Pokémon may be the souls of those unfortunate ones. Even the Gallade-themed armor statues seen are deadly as they swing their axes at you with the intent of decapitation!
    • Then you enter what appears to be Giovanni's living room, and from the giant portrait of him and his Persian, both pairs of eyes glow red as sinister laughter emits and the whole floor opens up, sending you into the dark basement below.
    • Here, you notice a giant glowing door. As the glowing fades, suddenly, a giant freaky ghost bursts out of the door and gives chase to your character! You run in panic as you attempt to evade the ghost, hitting switches to lower ectoplasm-coated gates, but King Boom Boo eventually finds its way back to you by coming out of the walls. Once you make it to a well-lighted room, the floor gives way and you end up experiencing the true horror of this stage!
    • What you've seen in this stage so far is nothing compared to the grisly horrors of the castle's underground dungeon! Placed throughout the half-flooded with poison water chambers are areas containing cells holding various Ghost-type Pokémon, all of which want your flesh! As you explore the dungeon, you come across tons of torture devices from stockades to racks, iron maidens, hot pokers, guillotines, spiked paddles, and god knows what else!
      • The detail of this dungeon is very creepy. If you look closely at the guillotines, iron maidens, and spikes placed throughout the dungeon, you'll notice parts of them covered in blood! If you thought that was scary, some characters indicate that these devices were used recently! And since Giovanni is the one that owns this castle, this could mean that he and Team Rocket conducted acts of torture and even death in this place! Good God! Team Rocket's more depraved than we thought!
      • But that's still just the tip of the iceberg! There's enough Nightmare Fuel left in this stage to start an ice age! Everywhere you go in the dungeon, you'll find bloodstains on all surfaces, giving you a grim idea of the castle's bloody history. Even worse, you may have to look around for them, but there are actually skeletons lying in various areas; some of the skeletons are even still chained to walls or in stockades!
      • But just what arcane experiments were conducted in this horrific place? Seen throughout the dungeon are vents with what appears to be ghostly flames emitting from. Get close to these and suddenly, skeletal hands cloaked in blue flames, accompanied by banshee-like screams, reach out and grab your character almost instantly!
      • What about the poison water flooding the lower floors of the dungeon? Half of the cells, torture devices, and stockades are found on these floors, and there's even what appear to be dunking devices near the poison water! Another form of torture/death conducted here might have been poisoning or drowning poor souls in the poison water!
    • Now we get to the next part of our hellish tour of Death Castle. Once the poison water's been drained from the area, giant Dusknoir appear and start patrolling the dungeon. They wear tattered capes and carry huge axe-like scythes, which even appear to have blood on their tips. These Dusknoir emit eerie roars and if one spots you, it'll come at you and attempt to cleave you with its scythe! The worst part is if this happens, you're instantly dead and what sounds like a bloodcurdling scream is heard! And if you manage to defeat one, another will appear and continue the hunt for you!
    • Now for the final part. After entering the hidden passage, a giant Ariados comes down and makes its way along the rails, which happen to be its threads, and screams all the way down! It's not as scary as some of the other things found in this stage, but the thought of a giant spider coming to eat you can send chills down your spine!
      • But we're also forgetting about the music for the stage once you enter the dungeon! To make the place even scarier, the background music becomes faded and creepy sounds and even moaning and screams are added in!
      • And who can forget playing this stage in Expert Mode! In place of the poison water in the stage is blood! I know that the Pokémon Peace Squad games are supposed to be rated T, but this is pushing even that!
      • This troper also would like to talk about a certain Special Mission for this stage, the one where you have to rescue the Sinnoh Elite Four, Frontier Brains, and Cynthia from the dungeon! Given the circumstances of what's happened here, it wouldn't be surprising if they were going to be tortured and/or killed if you didn't rescue them!
  • Giovanni seeing Team Rocket as a master race and his plan to wipe out everyone else is eerily similar to Nazism and the Holocaust.
  • The Crystal Cannon (the weapon at Team Rocket's iceberg base) can encase anything in crystal and the fact that it not only crystallizes the Hunter Carrier II, but that it's also implied that everyone inside has also been crystallized! If it weren't for Mewtwo undoing it all, all of J's henchmen (and any Pokémon they captured) would've been stuck like that forever!

Pokémon Peace Squad: Endless Boundaries

  • The Plasma Wailord stage contains this. Although its description states that it resembles the Titanic Wailord and was constructed by the new Team Plasma (BW), as you go through the stage, visual evidence points to that the Plasma Wailord is the Titanic Wailord and that according to Shadow when you encounter him, this may be true! He believes that Team Plasma captured it and hollowed out its insides in order to turn it into a mobile base! Even worse, sounds heard in the stage indicate that said Wailord is still alive and in agony! N would probably be appalled at this horrible misuse of a rare Pokémon!
  • The Dark Minister/Mechamew2 is able to jab its hand into anyone and assimilate him or her! Seeing what looks like liquid metal start to spread onto the person also references Smith turning others into himself!
  • Let's just say the scene during the Last Story where Ghetsis appears and pierces N and Ash with a laser is quite jarring, especially with Ghetsis then laughing insanely immediately afterwards!
  • The scene where Ghetsis brings about the end of all multiverses. Seeing various universes, like the Sol Dimension and the Distortion World, vanishing from existence can be shocking to watch!
  • Seeing Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog dissolving from existence is also quite scary!
  • Plasma Astral Base Area 5 is likely the closest the series gets to matching the nightmarish environment of Death Castle. First off, the entire complex is a Womb Level with walls of flesh, sinew, and intestines combined with metal, circuitry, and technology. There are giant brain stems you can climb up, brain-like spheres that float in the air, pools of sickening liquid that damages you, and even massive arteries that launch said spheres, electrical blasts, and enemies like Artificial Chaos. Other foes here include floating cells that can ensnare you, hand-like villi, and eyes with tentacles that can trap you! Controlling the base are four massive pulsating brains that you must destroy and in some areas, you can look out to see the eye-like core and flowing columns of blood!
    • But here's where things get really disturbing. After Mechamew2 is gone once and for all, you find Ghetsis in some sort of apparatus and discover that he's merged himself with the entire base! All we see is his head, which assumes that the rest of his body was the stage we had went through! Quite creepy when you realize that Team Plasma's leader is now 75% Plasma Astral Base!
    • On another note, one Special Mission for the level is not to touch any organic surfaces due to the fact that if you do, you'll be sucked in and consumed! And the depiction of Lance screaming while being absorbed by the base is just frightening!
  • The scene after clearing the above stage where Ghetsis envelops Sonic, Cloud, and Pulseman with massive tentacle-like villi that bursts out of the ground, strangling them and nearly crushing them. Thank Arceus they barely survive, but that was frightening!
  • Now for the fight against the Plasma Core. Ghetsis transforms the core into a hulking titan held together by organic tissue and with his pulsating heart, grown to giant proportions, exposed in the middle. This happens to be the weak point, and every time you attack it, blood spurts out!
    • And when it comes to Phase 2, the craft transforms to resemble Zero Two, which is in itself was Nightmare Fuel enough! However, Ghetsis kicks it up a notch with the craft also being composed of organic tissue and sinew, including such things connecting the wings to the craft! Where Zero Two's eye would be located is Ghetsis's heart, which once again serves as the weak point! What makes the battle even scarier is that whenever you attack said heart, Ghetsis feels the blow!
    • To add more Nightmare Fuel, the music used in Phase 2 is Ghetsis's theme from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. In the second half of said phase, the music changes to an even more disturbing version!
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