''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite'' got away with an '''[[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids E]]''' '''[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar rating]]''', despite lots of dark stuff...
* N's battle theme is intense from the get-go, and his final theme takes it to eleven. It sounds like a ''very'' intense action scene, and the final one is for the fate of the world.
* As is typical for the series, the Pokédex provides this... and not just DefangedHorrors either.
* "The fate of the ships and crew that wander into Jellicent's habitat: all sunken, all lost, all vanished." ~ Jellicent's Pokédex entry.
** You would think something that looks so frilly and harmless would have much more cheerful Pokédex entries...
** The ''White'' Pokédex entry states that "Their favorite food is life energy." Cross that with the scary ''Black'' Pokédex entry.
*** It gets worse; they were ''originally'' created to be pure Water-type Pokémon, with innocent connections to princes and princesses, but Game Freak made them DarkerAndEdgier by adding a Ghost-type to them.
*** It gets worse than that. Jellicent is 7'3" tall. Imagine: ''a 7'3" tall'' ghostly jellyfish/water demon causing ships to crash and crew members to vanish (or drown).
*** Frillish is no saint, either. Frillish (who's only 3'11) paralyzes its victims with poison, then drags them five miles below the surface.
*** The real horror? Every game before this one has a large sea area with lots of swimmers but here? Only 1 place full of badass swimmers close to what might be an {{Eldritch Location}}/{{God}}'s summer house. Oh and also unlike every previous generation there are no ships around. {{Reality Subtext}} to since some jellyfish spawn in such numbers around Japan to be pretty devastating
*** Worse still, Frillish and Jellicent are both Ghost-types, so any attempt by humans to fight them off without Pokémon would be completely futile. Imagine vainly attempting to fight one off as it drags you to the depths [[ImplacableMan paying no attention to your struggles]].
*** In ''Black 2 and White 2'', it's said that Jellicent makes undersea castles from the ships that it sunk. So you have a regal, ghost jellyfish based on a Japanese sea demon that causes shipwrecks, kills people, and uses the flotsam and jetsam left behind to make a house. Good luck sleeping tonight and going in the water ever again.
* Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure. Their Pokédex entries generally mention sucking the life force out of a person, in Chandelure's case it leaves the person's body behind, and generally mentioning luring victims with their fire, which is a shame because Litwick is the cutest out of the three and knowing that it can steal your soul makes this sad and scary.
** Worse, Chandelure's Dream World ability is [[YouWillNotEvadeMe Shadow Tag.]]
** Lampent's cry is an intensely creepy wail. [[http://veekun.com/dex/pokemon/lampent/flavor Listen here and weep]].
** Even worse, Black and White 2 actually point out Litwick's Pokedex entry. There's a girl you fight in the tower where you find wild Litwick, who has a Litwick herself. After the battle, she claims to feel tired. [Leave and come back, and she's gone.
*** Actually, you can find her in the Mistralton Pokémon Center later, so she's not dead. Though she ''does'' still talk about how she feels tired after battles, so that doesn't help much...
* Ghetsis. What a depraved monster this guy is.
** Imagine the thought of his plans coming into fruition: after N had done his part and gotten all trainers in all regions to release their Pokemon, only Ghetsis and his followers in "his" Team Plasma would be allowed to have and use Pokemon, meaning they'd change the entire system of Pokemon training so that anyone else having Pokemon would be against the law. Therefore, the masses of the world would be left defenseless against Team Plasma's oppression of them. Through threat of force via their Pokemon's powers, Ghetsis and his cronies get to enslave the entire world.]] Oh, and he also had the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous Orbs...
** This man is the undoubted god-king of FridgeHorror in the Pokémon world. Let's list some of the things that are wrong with him:
*** One of the Seven Sages mentions that N and Ghetsis might not be related after all. This is true. N's mother is apparently dead/abandoned him, the same for father, as N is confirmed to be an orphan, the same for Anthea and Concordia (they revealed that fact themselves). He was raised by Pokémon in forest until Ghetsis took him in.
*** Supposedly Ghetsis "found" N as a toddler living alone with Pokemon in the woods and took him in to raise him as his own specifically for his plan, since he could sense N's abilities to communicate with the hearts of Pokemon. But this doesn't answer how Ghetsis knew where to find him, and ''we still have no clue what became of N's mother!''
*** It's revealed at the end that the Pokémon Team Plasma stole were enslaved into building N's castle. This likely happened before N was ''born''. One has to wonder how many of these enslaved Pokémon did Ghetsis double as the abused Pokémon to send N to play with.
*** If Ghetsis ''did'' [take over Unova (and he was dangerously close to doing so) the whole Unovan economy would be a complete wreck. Remember that in the games, pretty much everything revolves around Pokémon.
*** And Ghetsis' wouldn't last long, either. With so many trainers void of Pokémon, all of which are now in one place, and a PC system that can loot boxes to boot, [[TemptingFate Ghetsis is literally asking for Cipher to come in and take over]]. And you thought a ruined economy was bad enough...
*** Worse still, Ghetsis seems like the type of person who could very easily win Cipher over and get himself elected their new grand master. He has no qualms with having Pokemon OR people physically harmed (demonstrated further in the sequels) and even seems to get off on torture of all forms, be they physical, emotional, or mental. Added to that, his ultimate goal is nothing short of unlimited privilege and control over everything that lives.
*** To get an idea how creepy he is, check out his battle music.
** And in the direct sequels? Just before you can try to fight him, Ghetsis will instruct Kyurem to freeze the protagonist alive. This is done so he/she can watch Ghetsis rise to power. Not to mention that he tried to freeze by surrounding the protagonist with icicles and it looked like he's going harm/kill the protagonist instead.
*** Also in the sequels, check out his battle music's remix. It definitely matches his [[SanitySlippage current mental state]].
* Relic Castle. See the [[FridgeLogic Fridge Logic]] page above. [[FridgeHorror Now it becomes horrifying to think about]]... Basically, Unova is modeled after New York. The Relic Castle consists of two, broken towers. The Ghost type Yamask and Cofagrigus can be found inside. Yamask is said to be a human soul that remembers when it was alive, carries a mask that used to be its face, and cries over being dead]]. And now, it haunts The Relic Castle, which, as stated earlier, consists of two broken, burned down towers, in a fictional region based off of New York. Let that sink in for a second.
** Its evolution Cofagrigus is no better- it eats humans and turns them into mummies like Yamask. Now you know how these guys reproduce!
*** And you can breed them!
** To make things a little clearer, Route 4 and Resort Desert are said to be Ground Zero.
* N's Room. ''Oh man, N's room.'' It can be found as the first room on the fourth floor of N's Castle, the room itself being not too far from the entrance. Cut to inside the room, you find that it's the kind of room a really young child would have, [[{{Manchild}} despite N being 20 years old during the events of the game]]. The room is brightly decorated with cloud designs, with a basketball court, a large half-pipe with a skateboard, a plane mobile, tires, toy boxes, a dartboard, and a train set, all of them are practically garbed in colour. [[GildedCage Not to mention, N was kept isolated from humans at a young age to fulfill Ghetsis' plans, so this was his "world" growing up]]. Even one member of the Shadow Triad, who introduces you to the room, mentions how he doesn't know how he feels walking into the room.
** The music in the room is not much better. It's a [[OminousMusicBoxTune sweet sounding music box version of N's theme]] that drives the creepiness of his room home.]]
** To make it even more creepy, one of the trains on the train set moves on its own. The game tells you that most of the toys have been played with, and that's there a new box of toys at the back of the room. If you look closely, most of the toys are broken in one way or another. The train tracks aren't complete and up in the basketball basket, there's a train hanging, the mobile has only one plane connected to it, and then if you examine the half pipe, you can read about scratches from Pokémon on its sides. Now imagine how these scratches could have come about...
** Following the TimeSkip, the room in question is accessible in ''VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2''. What happens when a building collapses and crushes a music box? [[FromBadToWorse The music box plays an off-key melody.]] [[UpToEleven Now the scariness factor reaches its full potential.]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG-GZsfl8Cc Hear it here, if you dare.]] (Or, for better or for worse, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zY1BPYA5PA see the actual part of the game]] with its context.)
* The music that plays at the Pokémon League sounds intense and frightening. It doesn't help that the Unova regions' Elite Four has a somewhat creepier, more intimidating quality than most.
* Kyurem. It holds a town in fear, is said to periodically "steal" people and Pokémon, and when you actually go to catch it, you can't walk up to it immediately, but have to wait for it to cause a blizzard so you can walk over on the snow.
** The area it's in. The Giant Chasm right next to the town, a pier to see the very chasm from the top, isolated in a creepy mist. The bottom has high leveled Pokémon and random things scattered all over the forest area clearly left by previous trainers and humans that had wandered into it, then when you reach the center where the apparent Pokémon crash landed from space (According to the townsfolk at least). You hear a loud bellow and suddenly the forest is caught in a flash freeze and the previously blocked off cave has a clear path, with the dragon waiting for you.
** Add to that its [[OurMonstersAreWeird weird design]] - its mouth is [[AndIMustScream frozen shut]], and the fact that it [[ImAHumanitarian eats the nearby humans]].
** On the other hand, there is absolutely no evidence that any of this actually happens (aside from the blizzard thing). Given the inhabitants of the Pokémon World's usual propensity to believe made up and exaggerated rumors (or things that just can't possibly actually be happening ie. the Pokédex), Kyurem could just as easily been waiting around in the middle of nowhere for a trainer to come along (like pretty much every other legendary).
** Confirmed in the sequels - however, they make up for this by showing [[AndIMustScream how it absorbs and fuses with Reshiram and Zekrom]]. It almost makes you [[YouBastard not want to create its alternate formes yourself...]]
** Kyurem becomes even more terrifying, and becomes an utter WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds when you learn that it just wants to be whole again. Black 2/White 2 heavily implies that Kyurem was the original dragon that was once part of Reshiram and Zekrom before being split into three dragons. Imagine having parts of your being torn from you and being reduced to nothing but a frozen zombified shell of your former self longing to merge with what was once part of yourself. It makes you want to both hug Kyurem and run away from it.
* Beheeyem. Look at its Pokédex entries. To sum it up, it can easily rewrite or erase its opponent's memories with little to no effort!
*** It gets worse, Beheeyem can use its psychic power to squeeze your brain.
* Gothitelle's cry. That's right, you have a Pokémon whose cry sounds like the one used in the shower murder scene to ''Psycho''!
* Burgh's gym is a [[BeeAfraid bee hive]] [[MonsterClown full of clowns]].
** His gym gets worse in the sequel; A CLOWN BURSTS OUT OF A COCOON.
** Now add the drop of pearls into the BGM, and it's Batman's worst nightmare.
* Possibly Krookodile, especially with these entries - "[[SuperPersistentPredator They never allow prey to escape.]] Their jaws are so powerful, they can crush the body of an automobile". and "It can expand the focus of its eyes, [[BeingWatched enabling it to see objects in the far distance]] as if it were using binoculars". What we have is a predator that is dead-set on eating you, and you'll never see it coming.
* Hydreigon. First there's the fact that it lost one of its brains upon evolving, and the fact that the "heads" on their arms aren't true hands but aren't quite heads either (they have no brains and are rather primitive compared to the main head)... Now imagine one of those things going and eating and killing everything in sight with its three mouths, as its Pokédex entries hint. Considering the one person in the main story who actually owns a Hydreigon, and the fact that he probably wouldn't lift a finger to stop it if that happened...]]
** The Pokédex entry in Black says that anything that moves is considered an enemy to it, triggering it to attack. It's no push-over.
*** In a more specific sense, its Pokédex entry in Black and White 2 says that it responds to movement by attacking and "devours anything in its path!" The exclamation point there puts emphasis on how scary it implies.
** Consider the fact that only one of Hydreigon's heads has a brain. Now consider that its pre-evolution, Zweilous, has two heads with brains. ''What happened to the second head?''
*** Either it lost, or the brains just fused
*** That assumes one of the heads survived. Considering it has two brainless heads the heads of it's previous form likely killed each other and it grew a third one from the shock in order to survive. Now consider that Ghetsis has a vastly under-levelled one, he may have killed the heads himself.
** Also Ghetsis has a Hydreigon that is higher level (and much tougher) than both legendaries you and N can get]]. If he'd got around to battling N after defeating you, he'd [[FridgeHorror probably]] [[WouldHurtAChild kill]] [[OffingTheOffspring his own son.]]
** Want to make Hydreigon even scarier? It's [[{{Expy}} loosely]] [[ShoutOut based off of]] [[Franchise/{{Godzilla}} King Ghidorah.]] Ghidorah is known to utterly wipe out entire cities and has even wiped out life on entire planets. Considering how Hydreigon gladly attacks/eats everything in sight, who's to say it couldn't cause a mass extinction as well?
* How about Eelektross? They can suck in prey with their mouth, and then shock it with electric fangs. And they can come out of the ocean and just drag in its prey, so it won't flee. Uh-oh.
** Bear in mind that if your muscles are receiving that much electrical stimulation, they're going to be paralyzed a la what Jellicent does with poison.
** Oh yes, and Eelektross is also about the size of an adult man. It's never specified exactly what it eats, but it could in all likelihood be people.
** Eelektross is pure Electric-type. Think you're fine if you have a Ground type Pokémon with you? Think again. Eelektross' ability is Levitate, which renders Ground-type moves useless. In other words, if you encounter one of these things, you're pretty much done for.
* The ghost girl in the bridge. When you talk to her, she'll disappear (even creeping out an NPC that was next to her!). At the end of the bridge, an old lady will ask you if you saw her, and that the girl had an Abra, who she used to play with, but one day [[NothingIsScarier suddenly disappeared, and was never seen again]].
** Maybe she used her Abra to teleport to make her disappear?
** She is an actual ghost and she shows up in Black and White 2 and even tells you that the Lunar Wing failed to save her before giving it to you. those who played Diamond and Pearl will come to the conclusion that Darkrai killed her.
** The worst part is that the text in the mansion states that that her father left to find the Lunar Wing, yet she begged them to stay (voicelessly, of course). The implication that loved ones have to be present to stave off absolute death from the nightmare... Makes you really glad you helped that Sailor in [=DPPt=].
* Scolipede, an eight-foot long giant centipede that is highly aggressive and attacks its prey with its large horns and poisonous spines on its neck. Its signature move is rolling over you with its 442 pound body, it's very fast, and it roars!
* Unless you have a [[KillItWithFire Fire-Type]] Pokémon, Durant can qualify as this. How so? First off, this is an ant made of steel. Second, [[BigCreepyCrawlies they are exactly one foot in size and have huge mandibles]]. Thirdly, [[ParanoiaFuel they are common]].
* The ride on the Ferris Wheel with N is pretty unsettling.\\
[-'''N:''' You're looking for Team Plasma, right? They ran off into the amusement park. Come with me. (N leads the player to the ferris wheel) They're not here. Let's ride the Ferris wheel and see if we can spot them. I love Ferris wheels... The circular motion... The mechanics... They're like collections of elegant formulas.-]\\
Yeah, okay. That's not creepy at ''all''. And like an ''idiot'', [[StupidityIsTheOnlyOption you have to follow him into the car]]. Then, as it climbs higher and higher, the camera zooms in on the two of you in the car, and N starts calmly explaining who he really is.\\
[-'''N:''' First, I must tell you... I am the king of Team Plasma. Ghetsis asked me to work with him to save Pokémon.-]\\
And you just recently saw this group was willing to brutally abuse a Pokémon with absolute zero empathy, and they stole a Pokémon from one of your best friends. Not to mention that N had been pretty creepy even before the whole 'Team Plasma' reveal, babbling about perfect equations and needing power and how [[StalkerWithACrush the two of you are going to be]] ''[[StalkerWithACrush friends]]''.
** It gets even creepier when you next encounter him at Chargestone Cave, where you get a JumpScare from the Shadow Triad, who forcibly take you to him upon which he casually remarks that ''he told Ghetsis all about you and your friends'', and [[ParanoiaFuel had the Shadow Triad do a background check on you.]] It's ''even worse'' if you've already played the game before and know what kind of man Ghetsis really is. ''He now knows'' '''everything''' ''about your life and the lives of those you care most about.'' And N still sees nothing remotely creepy about this.
** Granted, it gets less creepy and more sad than anything later on when you realize that N [[NoSocialSkills probably saw]] ''[[NoSocialSkills nothing wrong]]'' with trapping someone in a confined space, where they can't use their usual means of defense to protect themselves, and telling them that he's basically the leader of a disturbing [[MostDefinitelyNotAVillain Most Definitely Not Villainous]] AnimalWrongsGroup. He just wanted to ''talk''! And that way you couldn't attack him before he could explain things to you! And he totally wants to be your friend! At which point it crosses over into full-on NightmareFuel when you learn ''why'' [[AbusiveParents he's that way]].
** The above becomes more horrifying in ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'', where White (this version's incarnation of Hilda) gets shoved out of the Ferris wheel by her own Pokémon after it was convinced by N to join his side.
* Musharna when its eyes are open. There's some bad dreams for ya.
* Pokemon evolving in this generation games counts too. Watching your Pokemon moving, then suddenly stops, then breaks apart into pieces while they twirl around does not give an impression that they are evolving in a natural growing way. When you look at it, it feels…digital. akin to [[Franchise/{{Digimon}} a certain other]] {{Mons}} series.
* WordOfGod states that Ghetsis' right arm was disfigured when injured by Pokémon. The only time it's shown, [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Ghetsis_right_arm.png it's discolored]]. Considering his ''entire'' arm is that color [[FridgeHorror it can't be shading…]]
** It probably has something to do with his Hydreigon…
** It's not just his arm. His right eye is implied to be missing or scarred (as seen in beta artwork), which is why he wears a monocle over it. That must have been one hell of an attack!
* Driftveil Drawbridge's music can unintentionally be this to some players due to very few instruments mostly consisting of low-key piano notes.