Nightmare Fuel: Phantasy Star Online

The Nightmare Fuel page for Phantasy Star Online.
  • The loneliness of the areas can get to you; aside from monsters or NPC escort missions, you're the only one there.
  • Dark Falz. "Hey we finally beat the game! Good job gu—WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?"
  • The Seabed in Episode II and the Apocalyptic Log contained within. As you move through the dungeon, the logs cover the mutation and corruption of Heathcliff Flowen. Then, you encounter a log entry that's just heavy static interspersed with rambling nonsense. Only the next time you get to speak to your NPC guide, she nervously informs you that it wasn't a recording; it was a transmission from elsewhere in the facility.
  • In Episode III, it's revealed that the players really are beating Dark Falz and Olga Flow over and over again, with them getting stronger each time, and eventually strong enough to break free of their confines and destroy everything with no one capable of stopping them.
  • Anyone who's played Phantasy Star Online 2 need only hear three words before they start freaking out. EMERGENCY CODE: AVOID.
    • To clarify: When the Avoid Code triggers, you're left with no choice but to run from a flying Eldritch Abomination called a Gel Wulff that can only be described as a giant, ghostly pitcher plant with bat wings. The creature is completely unkillalbe, can move faster in a straight line then the players, and can effortlessly pass through walls. It's only purpose is to hunt down the player characters one by one, and will not stop until it succeeds, or the Avoid Code's timer runs out. It also hits like an unholy eighteen wheeler, two-shotting or possibly even one-shotting a player.
      • Updates have, thankfully, mitigated the nightmare factor of this Emergency Code: the time limit for the Code has been shortened, and the monsters can now be killed with charged photon turrets.
    • Official service recently added in Visbolts, blasts of red lightning that can appear out of freaking nowhere and have a fairly-sized AOE. You constantly have to run around to avoid them, which can easier said than done if you're hanging around with a full party or three, as there can be multiple targets for the Visbolts at once.
    • Something that's also been around for a while is Emergency Code: Destruction that spawns a bomb called a Baize. It starts off as a tiny ball composed of D-Arker veins, but it very, very quickly grows to massive size and eventually explodes. Failing to destroy it in time - which is hard, because it's durable - will cover the affected area in a red hue while some evil version of Acid Rain pours down and drains the health of anything there like mad; it doesn't last forever, but still for a while. If you don't think you can destroy it in time, get the hell out of the area.
  • In Online 2, Dark Falz is back. Again.