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Nightmare Fuel: Peter Gabriel
  • Lots of his videos, including "Shock The Monkey", "Darkness", "Signal To Noise", "Milgram's 37", "Rhythm Of The Heat".
  • Also the cover art for Security.
  • The "melting face" cover for his third album, and the similar covers for the related singles "No Self Control" and "Games Without Frontiers".
  • Still more scary artwork: the Glowing Eyes of Doom image from the innersleeve of his first solo album.
  • Here's the song "Intruder", and the bridge to "My Head Sounds Like That".
  • Come to think of it, the music video for "The Barry Williams Show" gets pretty creepy when the audience in a Jerry Springer-esque show suddenly begin to bleed until the entire stage is literally flooded with their collected blood. To top it off, the actor portraying Barry Williams is left stranded on a raft in the middle of it all until falling in at the end.
  • And one for the road: I Don't Remember. The song, at least on the album (the video uses a heavily edited live version) is nightmarish enough on its own, but the video... Have fun trying to get used to leather couches again.
  • "Moribund The Burgermeister".
  • "The Tower That Ate People".
  • Peter Gabriel's various CG versions of himself in the music video for "Steam". This one takes first prize.

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