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Nightmare Fuel: Papers, Please
  • On the last day before the audit, the terrorists go all out, driving a truck over one of the guards behind you, then gunning down the other two without any difficulty. Then, they pause... and calmly start walking towards your booth. You will never feel more fear in the game than the moment that you're desperately trying to get that key in the lock and pull out that gun.
  • Terrorist attacks in general. The first one (on the second day) doubles as a Jump Scare, as you aren't given any forewarning by anybody, and you also can't do anything to stop it - the other guard shoots the terrorist dead, but gets himself fragged by a grenade afterwards. And it only goes From Bad to Worse when they escalate...
  • Arstotzka is pretty much stated to be a hellhole. So why are so many people trying to get in?
    • Sergiu can comment on what it's like elsewhere:
      Sergiu: There is more action at this checkpoint than in the war. I fought in Kolechia for 5 years. If you think it is bad in Arstotzka, it is ten times worse in Kolechia. I do not blame them for coming here.
    • Given the number of refugees and asylum-seekers from Kolechia, Antegria, Republia, Obristan, and even Impor and the United Federation, it's quite possible every other country is just as bad or worse than Arstotzka. And, of course, if you have the right papers, you can leave at any time.
  • The investigator, M. Vonel, shows up at the beginning of the days when he visits...but he is never shown walking up. You just walk to your booth and when it opens up on the bottom part of the screen, he's already there, waiting for you.
  • Giving anthrax poison to a target given by the EZIC will cause him to keel over vomiting blood. If he's admitted, he fatally infects a guard who checks on his body. If he is denied, he infects several innocent bystanders in the line. If you accidentally poison yourself you just get a Fade to White, but imagine what happens to the poor guard who comes to check on you...
  • The Antegrian whistle blower who comes to Arstotzka. If you admit her, the next day news say she was admitted in and promptly disappeared. If you deny her, the next day news *also* says she disappeared.
  • On one occasion, an entrant in the line shouts, "DEATH TO ARSTOTZKA!" They then shove a bomb into your hands and run. If it weren't for your guard friend's non-chalant reaction to the whole thing, this would be even scarier.
    • Also, the appearance of this character is random, so you might get someone with a Slasher Smile trying to kill you with the bomb.
  • "For Kolechia!" This is shouted shortly before a terrorist suicide bombs the guards.

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