Nightmare Fuel / Oz: The Great and Powerful
Oh, Oscar, we truly AREN'T in Kansas anymore...


  • The true form of Evanora, Wicked Witch of the East, a hideous and decrepit old crone.
  • The Flying Monkeys (bat-winged baboons here) got a major Nightmare Fuel upgrade. So did the (far less well known) Fighting Trees of Quadling Country, which the Wizard must pass through to reach Glinda.
    • To be precise there are now two types of flying monkeys: the cute, feathery, good ones (like Finley) and the aforementioned bat-winged baboons that serve the Witch.
      • If the movies stick with the books, they're not really evil.
    • Hopefully that should lessen the scares a bit. Thank god for Finley.
    • The flying baboons, at one point in the climax, attack a bunch of "warriors," shredding them to pieces. They were only scarecrows, but at one point a baboon tears out one's throat. Thank Glinda for planning ahead.
  • The poor China Girl before Oz and Finley find her in China Town. Surrounded by her shattered family, and unable to move... she must have been terrified.
  • On a related note, the moment when Oz picks up a piece of china, only to discover it's the face of one of the broken denizens. This is particularly horrifying when you remember that in at least some of Baum's books, no one in Oz can actually die. So either the China village citizens were all destroyed, or they were stuck in pieces, unable to move or help themselves, until someone (probably Glinda) glued them back together again.
    • Which means, there is still hope of China Girl getting her family back! (If the movie follows the book canon, by the time Dorothy arrives, China Country is repaired and more or less back to normal — with the addition of full time menders).
      • This actually makes perfect canon sense; in the movie the China Country is just a regular village, in the original book it was hidden inside a massive china bowl you could only enter by climbing a ladder. Seems like Glinda gave extra precautions to help avoid another tragedy.
        • Although the book canon states that, if they leave the China Country, the porcelain people stiffen into porcelain figurines. Then again, the China Doll Princess may have been saying that just because Dorothy expressed an interest in taking her back to Kansas...
      • But in the meantime, she's happy with the family she's got now.
    • The destruction of China Town is even creepier when you take in mind the theory that the 1939 movie was a metaphor for World War 2, with Dorothy as a reluctant America and the Wicked Witch as Hitler. Add in the shadows of the flying baboons cast on the devestated town, and it looks a lot like a bombed-out city from that period.
    • More Like World War One, as Dorothy wasn't there yet. But it's still disturbing.
  • Theodora's transformation. She tried so hard to repress her dark side.
    • The moment when her transformation finishes offscreen, her green arm popping up and clawing the table. And we see Evanora of all people looking freaked out.
  • In-Universe Example: The "true form" of the great and powerful Oz scares the crap out of Evanora to the point where she flees in terror.
  • The Dark Forest. The eyes... THOSE GODDAMN PLANTS...
    • See above. The Fighting Trees were a pretty major hindrance in original Wizard of Oz book (luckily defanged by Nick Chopper's axe), but the movie version of them is just plain creepy.
  • Evanora torturing Glinda.