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When [[Series/OneThousandWaysToDie a show]] deals with various deaths, [[NightmareFuel it is bound to enter]] [[NauseaFuel gruesome territory.]]
* Generally speaking, most slow deaths qualify. While many of the deaths on the show are gruesome, they're usually fairly quick (as a general rule of thumb, if a death isn't instant, it usually takes no more than a few seconds from start to finish, and no more than a minute or two at most). Many of the deaths that take longer than that have the victims usually blissfully unconscious within seconds, or at the very least impaired by drugs or alcohol, reducing their suffering somewhat. However, some of the victims of the longest deaths aren't nearly as lucky, enduring hours, days, weeks, or on at least one occasion '''months''' of agony before merciful death sets in.
* Any example that has to do with dying to acid. The show really loves diving into [[CruelAndUnusualDeath how slow and painful being drowned in a vat of acid is]] and does not skimp out on the details.
* "Drunk Die-er": A drunk driver gets into a car accident and is pronounced dead on the scene. Since he registered as an organ donor, he's taken back to the hospital and has his organs removed. The kicker here is that the drunk was never dead; [[AndIMustScream he was alive and just barely conscious enough to watch as his organs were removed from his body]] before finally, ''really'' dying when the doctors remove his heart. ([[FridgeLogic Supposedly]])
* "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead": The story of the insomniac who committed a hit-and-run after months of sleeping problems. He began seeing his victim in his sleep-deprived hallucinations, which in turn made his sleep disorder worse. The cause of his insomnia? An incurable, impossible to treat genetic condition, Fatal Familial Insomnia, where the thalamus (the part of the brain responsible for regulating sleep) begins to atrophy and shut down, eventually resulting in the complete loss of the ability to sleep and, inevitably, death. After two months of complete sleeplessness, in which his hallucinations only got worse as time went on, his torment is finally ended by a massive stroke.
* "Frightmare" concerns itself with ''literal'' NightmareFuel - a woman suffering from repeated nightmares of a monstrous dwarf who strangles her in her sleep dies from SUNDS[[note]]'''S'''udden '''U'''nexpected '''N'''octurnal '''D'''eath '''S'''yndrome[[/note]], where the heart basically burns itself out over a frightening dream.
** The ending is even worse: The dead woman lies there. There is silence making it look like it's all over... but then [[JumpScare the dwarf suddenly jumps up]] [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou and roars at the viewer]]. Good luck sleeping after this one.
* "Steward-Death" had a stewardess ''sucked'' out of an airplane. Not only was she still alive as she was falling, but she ''froze'' to death from how high up she was. Her death is shown with one of those [=CGI=] models, but if you listen closely while it shows her falling, you can hear her scream. What's worse is that [[BasedOnATrueStory it really happened]]. In 1988, there was a flight on Aloha Airlines (Flight 243) that suffered extensive damage from explosive decompression while in flight, but was able to land safely at Kahului Airport on Maui. The only reported fatality was of a stewardess named C.B. Lansing, who died the same way the stewardess in that story did[[note]]though if it's any consolation, analyses of damage and bloodstains on the real life accident plane imply that when she was sucked out, Lansing's skull was struck hard enough to kill or at least KO her, so she likely wasn't alive[=/=]awake to suffer the terror and freezing-to-death that the fictional stewardess did[[/note]].
* "Blistering Vice": Word of advice -- [[SchmuckBait don't put on psoriasis cream and then get in a tanning bed for several hours]] (especially if you're a mooch who likes to borrow things from people without asking). The results are not pretty. [[spoiler: In the digital recreation, you can hear the girl's skin crackling like bacon as it burns off.]]
* "Me So Hornet" features a man dying of an allergic reaction to a bee sting. What makes it different from the last idiot to die of a bee sting was that he got bumped off by an [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_giant_hornet Asian giant hornet]], and those monsters are HUGE! Not an easy death to sit through, especially if you're an insectophobe.
* "Contact Die": A teenage girl flirts up a science geek into doing her school work. Since the nerd is focusing on the attractive girl chatting him up, he fails to pay adequate attention to the chemistry experiment he is currently working on. The chemicals inside the beaker become so strong that when they waft up, they ''[[EyeScream fuse the girl's contact lenses to her eyeballs]]'' [[EyeScream and make her go blind]]. [[note]]She didn't die from that; she died when she broke her neck after slipping on the school hallway's freshly-waxed floor.[[/note]]
* "Vats All Folks" has a psychotic cemetery owner who digs up dead bodies and dissolves them in hydrofluoric acid, but tonight he makes two ex-cons do his dirty work. When they realize his intentions, [[EvenEvilHasStandards they say "Hell no!" and bail]]. Here's the scary part, he tries to drag the body in, but trips and falls in the vat himself. As seen in the image above, he gets out, partially melted and walking in agony before collapsing and dying (equipped with the sound of his skin sizzling as he dies).
* "Squirreled Away": A taxidermist who enjoys eating animals stuffs eats the meat of a squirrel that had rabies and contracts it when he eats it rare. For the next four days, he goes insane, screaming, foaming at the mouth, and writhing in bed in pure agony. What's creepier are the shots of the stuffed animals watching the guy die in such a horrific fashion.
* "Radioactive-Dead": A Russian spy betrayed his country by selling secrets to the U.S. His former employers kill him by giving him a fatal dose (like 1 teaspoon) of Polonium 210 in his coffee. One month later, he is seen with all his hair gone, his skin green, his body atrophied, and he hardly looks human anymore. He eventually dies of radiation poisoning and his killers get away with it. Probably based on [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Litvinenko the Litvinenko case in Great Britain]], only with the effects being sensationalized, as they were in the media at the time.
* "Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy" has a nerdy man named Egon with an extreme hatred for bugs who tried turning a wall of his house into a flytrap using an super-strong adhesive he created. Just as Egon finishes turning his wall into a flytrap, a mosquito flies by and annoys him. He began swatting the mosquito only to trip over an adhesive bucket and fall victim to his own trap, leaving him completely immobilized. Two days later, Egon became weak, lost his bodily functions, his body beginning to decay, and cries for help as the beetles he collected to kill and flies make a meal out of his body. A week later, he was nothing more than a rotting, maggot-infested skeleton.
* "Vermin-ated" involves an a fugitive who escapes some cops by crawling into a pipe. He gets stuck, and [[AintTooProudToBeg eventually starts crying, apologizing, and begging to be taken back to jail]]. He encounters a bunch of rats that ''[[CruelAndUnusualDeath eat their way through his brain]]''. The interviewee even mentions that this is possibly one of the most gruesome deaths there is.