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Nightmare Fuel: Oingo Boingo
  • The video for "Insanity" (although the song was dramatically shortened and censored for it), complete with terrifying dolls, and Mr. Elfman in a straitjacket. The song itself, as well.
  • Lyrics-wise, “Controller”, “No One Lives Forever”, “Pictures of You”, and many more.
  • "Islands" is definitely one of their creepier-sounding songs, with frenetic, moan-like singing and fast-paced background music.
  • And then there's "I'm Afraid", arguably as creepy as "Insanity".
  • Also the rarely-heard "Clowns of Death," which is about Nazis.
    • "Your sons and daughters, innocent, lay sleeping in their beds/They'll catch them when you're not around and smash their little heads"
  • "I-I-I-I love little girls, they make me feel so good!"
  • "When he stole the car, nobody dreamed that he would try to take it so far. He didn't mean to hit the poor man, who had to go and die...."
    • "His teachers didn't understand; they kicked him out of school at a tender early age just because he didn't wanna learn things, had other interests... HE LIKED TO BURN THINGS.
  • "Hey neighbor, let me give you some advice. The Russians are about to pulverize us in our sleep tonight....But go ahead sleep tight in your bed...."
  • The song "Just Another Day" is nothing but Paranoia Fuel.
  • "Let's have a party; there's a full moon in the sky. It's the hour of the wolf, and I don't want to die. But no one beats him at his game for very long, but just the same, who cares? There's no place safe to hide - nowhere to run, no time to cry. So celebrate while you still can, 'cause any second it may end...."
    • Well, it's true.
  • Animals came from miles around/So tired of walking so close to the ground/They needed a change, that's what they said/Life is better walking on two legs.
    • What is the law? NO SPILL BLOOD!
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