Nightmare Fuel / OFF

Don't be fooled by its simple graphics, OFF has enough creep factor to make Anatidaephobia genuinely plausible.

  • OFF would not be as disturbing as it is without the incredible soundtrack. A good example of this is during the 'endless hallway' in Zone 3, especially during battles. Then, of course, there is the music that plays when you return to purified zones. Truly chilling stuff.
    • Also from the Zone 3 hallways: how about narrowly escaping the Advancing Boss of Doom only to turn a corner and find that everything's gone white, and the music playing is little more than whispers.
      • The fact that the game doesn't even explain what happened to the hallway makes it much more disturbing. (Although you can piece it together yourself.)
  • Zone 3 is horrifying in general. The cutesy ghosts that you've been fighting all game are shown murdering an Elsen in cold blood, the relaxed Elsens in this zone are revealed to be addicted to "sugar" and go Ax-Crazy if they don't eat it, it turns out to be made of dead bodies, the music is suddenly replaced by a horrifying remix of the normal battle theme..
    • Fighting a Burnt Elsen (pictured) for the first time after discovering the truth about sugar is perhaps one of the most potent jump scares in the game.
      • It's not just his appearance but the fact that he doesn't fight you at all and you are forced to kill him. Even trying to run away from the fight, the Batter will refuse.
  • After beating the first Zone, most players move on to the next one, as is the game's intention. Later on, you're prompted to visit them again to find out what's different, but you could have done so the entire time. The entire world has turned gray, with no NPC in sight. The background music gets replaced by ominous music filled with whispering and sometimes the noise of someone slamming their fists frantically accompanied by muffled cries. The enemies are also replaced by demonic dolls, and the music continues playing during the battles.
    • Specifically about the music, the really unsettling thing is that while most of the whispers is barely understandable, a few of the things they say is "What have they done to deserve this?" and "Why did you kill them?"
    • In the purified Zone 2, a single, solitary Elsen resides in the corner of an out of the way house. He's the only living thing left in all the purified zones. When you talk to him, all he says is:
      The specters are gone... The color is gone... Everything is gone... I'm finally safe...
      • What makes it even more terrifying is the fact that the music for purified zones is called Not Safe.
  • Enoch's giant head lying in a pool of blood after you kill him is creepy. ESPECIALLY WHEN HE STILL TALKS TO YOU.
    • There's also the Jump Scare he gives you when you arrive at the tram station. You're just walking around, looking for something to do about this huge guy who you simply couldn't hurt, and just as you enter the room, he comes bursting out of the floor, even bigger than before, and pissed off.
    • Everything about Enoch at all. You walk into a room after miles and miles of silent nothingness to find a giant with a Slasher Smile who looks 100% ready to eat you. Then there's what he's been doing to his Zone.
  • In the final battle, if you go with the Judge's ending, you're forced to fight the Batter. After the screen transition, you see that the Batter turned into a hulking monster out of nowhere. The horrifying part is wondering whether he just transformed, or if he was always like this through the whole game.
  • The "fight" with Hugo is extremely unnerving. After all you are helping the Batter kill a small child who might even seem to be the Batter's son, and who doesn't even fight back.
    • Hugo isn`t the Batter`s son, Hugo created both him and the queen, though due to a translation error, many english players will think that Hugo is their child. It's still nightmarish, though, as the Batter is essentially killing his creator.
      • A bit of Fridge Logic that makes it even worse: if Hugo created the Batter, why is it that he comes to kill him? One might think that he's simply malfunctioning, similar to how the Queen has supposedly neglected him, but the combination of the way we are introduced to the Batter and the fact that he seems to be based on the Ballman suggests something worse: that Hugo made him an Omnicidal Maniac on purpose. And this, in turn, leads to two very frightening possibilities: either Hugo decided that the whole world was wrong, broken beyond repair, and activated The Batter as a shutdown device, or Hugo believes that that's just how fathers are supposed to act. And in the latter case, it might explain why the Queen acts as she does as well...
  • The noise the sugar-deprived Elsens in Zone 3 make.
  • After you finish your fight with Japhet, you're treated to the game's first example of Cerebus Syndrome in the works: instead of Japhet's body simply disappearing like Dedan's did, you're treated to a sprite of Japhet's mangled body lying at the Batter's feet, blood and feathers scattered everywhere.
    • Not to mention the fate of the Judge's brother, Valerie. He attempted to eat Japhet, but didn't chew Japhet controls him from the inside, and proceeds to horrifically burst out of his body for the boss fight, with Valerie's empty body hanging around his neck.
  • Chapter 4 of the Room can also be unsettling, with the Art Shift to a much more detailed, desolate land and a map that looks straight out of a Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book.
  • Who told the Batter what to do all along his journey? You did. Who solved all the puzzles? You did. Who made the Batter kill the Queen and Hugo? You did. In the official ending, who chose to side with the Batter and help him finish what he began? You did. Who chose to pull the final switch and end all existence? You did.
    • But did you really? Who prevented you from fleeing? Who insisted on "purifying" those who didn't fight back? Who is the puppeteer and who is the marionette? Do you play the game or does it play you?
    • Didn't side with the Batter? Don't worry: You never win no matter what side you're on.
  • The secretaries, the enemies you fight in purified zones, are just... oh god, what the hell?
    • Even worse is the possibility that they're the elsens that mysteriously disappeared with the zones' purification.
      • Or that all the Elsens were killed or.. something.. by these things. It explains why that one Elsen is still alive.
    • What's most creepy about them is that, whatever the hell they are, their presence indicates that the Zone is pure. Battles still say "Purification in progress...", yes, but they are still an improvement in the Batter's eyes.
  • Fun fact, some of the spectres are named after real life serial killers.
  • Someone brought up how during the timed mission in Zone 2 one Elsen is freaking out because he got locked out of a safe house, and that person who locked him out just happened to be the last Elsen alive at the end of the game. It brings up a terrifying thought: what if the Secretaries are Elsens who died? Given that the one Elsen who is left alive after Zone 2 was purified was presumably alone through the entire purification process it could make sense.
  • In the English translation, the description of the meat element reads: "Because without meat, people would have nothing to eat. They would die of starvation, one after another." However, in the original French, the second sentence reads: "Ils se devoraient", or "They would eat each other." Either this is one hell of an idiom, or just another layer of how screwed up Elsen life is.
    • Also serves as sinister foreshadowing for zone 3.
    • For that matter: without smoke, everyone will suffocate. Without meat, everyone will starve. Both of these elements are produced in Zone 1 and exported to the other Zones. Zone 1 is the first Zone to be purified. No more smoke, and no more meat.