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Nightmare Fuel: Nirvana
  • "Polly". It's pretty creepy enough on its own, but then you learn the true story that inspired the song, and it takes on a whole new level of disturbing.
  • "Negative Creep" has a very chilling atmosphere to it, especially since Cobain sings that he is a "stoned, negative creep" and that "daddy's little girl ain't his girl no more", which makes you shiver over the idea of a child/teen and its lost innocence.
  • "Drain You" about two babies who try to drain each other...
  • "Paper Cuts" is a less obvious example until you discover the lyrics (NSFW). Then it becomes almost as disturbing as "Polly". . . Almost.
    • Plus the guitar opening sounds like fear itself channeled through a guitar amp.
  • The music video for "Heart-Shaped Box".
  • It can be possible to almost fall asleep listening to Nevermind, only to be jarred back awake by "Endless, Nameless"
  • While "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" in Leadbelly's version (Which was itself a cover of an older folk song) is cheerful and jolly, Cobain transforms it into a haunting ballad where he sings he's going to the pines where the "sun never shines" to "shiver the whole night through." He also adds that "his head was found in a driver wheel, but his body was never found."
    • Actually, the part about the beheading and someone staying in the pines were in a lot of earlier recordings of the song, like like this one. "In the Pines" is also the title of many versions of it.
  • "Something In The Way": Cobain singing about living "under a bridge" where he "traps animals" and lives from the "drippings from the ceiling". It has a very claustrophobic atmosphere and the line "it's okay to eat fish/'cause they don't have any feelings" makes you shiver whenever you hear it.
    • Even more chilling is the fact that the song was semi-autobiographical. Cobain once lived under a bridge, but it was only for a few days. Additionally Cobain's astrological sign was Pisces which adds an additional layer of Fridge Horror to the latter line.
  • Cobain flirted with death and suicide throughout his entire career. With titles like "I Hate Myself And I Want To Die" and album artwork featuring imagery from inside the human body it's always haunting. The fact that he actually shot himself later paints a dark shadow over most of his lyrics.
    • Seeing as how his crime scene wasn't handled properly and never furthered much into, him killing himself is just speculation.
  • The In Utero album cover.
  • In light of his death, it's a little creepy to hear Kurt sing "Come as you Are", especially the ending "And I swear that I don't have a gun, no I don't have a gun"

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