Nightmare Fuel / Nightwish

  • Remember kids: having your alarm on "random song" may seem like a good idea. And then you hear "Cadence of Her Last Breath." Or maybe it is. At least you won't be tempted to reach for the "snooze" button after waking up to that...
  • A few other good Nightmare Fuel songs include "The Kinslayer," "End of All Hope," "Feel For You..." Heck, a lot of their songs could be considered this if you ended up listening to them at the wrong time.
    • "The Kinslayer" in particular bears mentioning, since is based on the Columbine massacre. The fifteen candles mentioned in the song correspond to the people who died on that horrible day — 4 pink candles for the female victims, 9 blue candles for the male victims, and two black candles for the killers themselves.
  • "The Poet and the Pendulum". This is the song that practically saved the songwriter from committing suicide, since the song is about him. The weird screeching noise followed by what sounds like a snapping chain midway through the song. Selected lyrics include:
    "I'm afraid. I'm so afraid. Being raped again and again and again."
    "You live long enough to hear the sound of guns / Long enough to find yourself screaming every night / Long enough to see your friends betray you."
    "Cut in half - infanticide."
    • The lyrics of that verse from the demo are even bigger Nightmare Fuel, though it continues on as normal from there:
    "Would you like to rape my rotting carcass? / Dissect my heart and dislocate my wrist. / It would make you come, wouldn't it?"
  • Imaginaerum gives us such creepy gems as "Ghost River" ("He will go down he will drown drown, deeper down...") "Song of Myself," and the wonderfully demented "Scaretale."
  • Planet Hell is basically about the world spiraling into chaos, where the only solution is to... Well...
    "Save yourself a penny for the ferryman, save yourself and let them suffer."