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Nightmare Fuel: Night Shift
  • The whole of The Boogeyman pretty much. An eponymous creature that stalks and kills a young man's three infant children, who hides in the closet and moves around at night in such a way that it wants you to hear it. Billings tries to leave the old house, hoping to escape it but the boogeyman tracks them down and takes up residence in their new closet. Brr.
    • The ending is even worse, with Billings discovering that the psychiatrist he has been telling his story to the whole time is the creature in disguise.
  • Elizabeth's nightmare in "I Know What You Need." Briefly, she's laying in an open grave, unable to move or speak. Her boyfriend appears on the edge and tells her to marry him, or else. When she doesn't respond, he says, "It's or else, then." She hears a bulldozer start up, and realizes she's about to be Buried Alive. But suddenly another man, someone she had just met and befriended (in her real, waking life), shows up and stops it from happening. He reaches out to her, she finds she can move again, and he pulls her out of her would-be grave. She looks down at her footing as she climbs out. When she looks up again, her friend has become "a huge, slavering timberwolf." Elizabeth's nightmare undoubtedly caused a lot of nightmares.

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