Nightmare Fuel / Nick Lowe

  • His cover of Jim Ford's "36 Inches High" has a rather dark and ambivalent mood to it. The keyboard riff prevalent throughout the song sounds quite creepy.
  • "Nutted by Reality" starts off as a tongue-in-cheek song about "castrating Castro," parodying the sound of the Jackson 5. It then shifts tone and takes up the rest of the duration as a tongue-in-cheek song set to stream-of-consciousness lyrics about "living in a different world but [being] nutted by reality," parodying the sound of Paul McCartney/Wings. A twangy, country-style guitar solo follows, but instead of leading into an upwards key change and a reiteration of the song's chorus (as years of formulaic pop songwriting have taught us to expect), simply trails off into nothingness.