Nightmare Fuel / Natsume's Book of Friends

While this series is the type to be filled with a mixture of both Heart Warming Moments and TearJerkers, this series also has its fair share of Nightmare Fuel.

  • The final episode of season 3 where Natsume almost disappeared and became a youkai's pet, with the threat of his family being eaten. It's mask with the eyes and creepy plastered smile didn't make it any less creepier (and when Sensei scared it off, it's mask shattered in half, it still had that smile). And just think what happened if the Fujiwaras DIDN'T come meet Natsume at that time.
  • Some of those Youkai are as creepy as can possibly be.
  • The Omibashira Arc. From the screams to the eaten ayakashi and the blood stained room to the design of Omibashira himself. Just think being an unsuspecting ayakashi who was invited with a friend, promised protection for your gift, temporarily separated with your friend until you realize he/she is gone and look for them only to meet possibly the same end as your friend.