Nightmare Fuel / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Non-Canon)
Uhh... You may wanna think about getting that eye checked, Pinkie.

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Given My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic's large and vocal Periphery Demographic, it is not surprising that quite a bit of Fan Art, FanFics, and other works end up having pages on this wiki. These also often happen to have Nightmare Fuel in them and pages listing this Nightmare Fuel. This page is dedicated to keep a list of these pages.

Other Fanfiction

  • The Man With Two Names is a fanfic in the "Human in Equestria" genre. Unlike most stories, however, the human who arrives in Ponyville ends up despised and feared because he tried to cook one of Fluttershy's chickens, albeit because he was starving after spending days wandering through the Everfree forest. The horror isn't due to any gore, but seeing the pretty ponies treat the human-named Jeremiah Walker- with such contempt and hatred is frightening. Even the Mane 6 both ostracize him and even spread nasty rumors about him. Eventually, the xenophobia culminates in some of the ponies conspiring to attack Lyra and frame Walker, and a riot that devastates Ponyville. And the worse part is that there many examples of this pattern of hatred that have happened in real life.
  • Cupcakes, A My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fan fiction... where Pinkie Pie slowly tortures Rainbow Dash, then dissects her while she's still alive. The reason? To use her organs as ingredients in her "special" cupcakes. And the worst part? Pinkie thinks of the whole thing as a 'party', and is thoroughly enjoying every moment of killing her best friend.
  • Cheerilee's Garden, a My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fanfic, is about Cheerilee brutally murdering all the little fillies and foals she is supposed to teach, Saw-style. For some, it is even worse than the previously-mentioned Cupcakes.
  • Stick to the Foaluma, a fic written by Alexwarlorn (the writer of the Pony POV Series). Silver Spoon starts to have the beginnings of a Heel Realization...only for Status Quo Is God to literally press the Reset Button and force her and Diamond to stay the bad guys. Worse? She starts to notice how things don't make sense and they only seem to exist within what the audience sees.
  • The character of Checker Monarch from Getting Back on Your Hooves is downright terrifying. She's a powerful, cold, calculating and heartless sociopath who enjoys Mind Raping ponies in their dreams, and is utterly merciless in her attempts to ruin Trixie's life (made even worse by the fact that Trixie is her sister). Just about everyone Checker runs into is terrified of her, including her own henchmen. Especially horrifying is when she completely snaps at the end of chapter 9 and she plots revenge against Ponyville and Canterlot, as the red in the heart of her Cutie Mark runs off in the rain - revealing the heart to be black. What makes Checker so terrifying is that her behavior is based off of real-life sociopaths, so unlike characters like Discord and Chrysalis, there are really people like her out there.
  • On, there is a small subset of obscure stories that reach beyond the standard of "grimdark" fanfiction set by stories like the infamous Cupcakes, Cheerilee's Garden, Rainbow Factory, or Sweet Apple Massacre. Instead of simply beating you over the head with copious amounts of violence and gore, they burrow deep into your brain and fill you with existential dread.
    • 'Ἐλπίς ("Elpis", the Greek word for "hope"), is a surreal story that is difficult to describe using concrete terms. In it, the world has come to an end and Equestria is gone with it; every living thing is dead. All that remains in the universe is an endless darkness, a massive ocean of primordial soup and a long road with countless grooves cut into its surface. The only one left is Celestia, who begins a long walk down the Road, accompanied by a being called the Butler, who is not truly a living thing but implied to be a part of her conscience. The farther she walks, the more painfully she remembers all the faces and memories of the now-dead ponies (and the ones from all the worlds before, because she has repeated this process countless times) and her body starts to dissolve, turning into liquid and filling the grooves of the Road until she resembles a giant slug. When she reaches the end of the Road, the Butler offers her a choice to die and allow the universe to die completely with her, or to remake the world again, in hopes that the new one will not come to such an unfortunate end. She chooses the latter, and it is implied that she will do this over and over again, and make the same choice every time the world ends, for all eternity. A Self-Inflicted Hell, indeed...
    • Beyond the Wall: A secret village of earth ponies lives in a forest that is enclosed by a wall on all sides. It seems like an idyllic community, except for the fact that the village's laws prevent anyone from going outside the village, beyond the wall. The villagers worship a goddess named Gaea, and believe that Gaea only loves the ponies in the village, and hates everything outside it. They also have another rule—anypony caught trying to leave the village is executed. At the end of the story, it happens to a young filly who tried to escape.
    • In Step Right In And Start Again, because of Starlight's tampering with the time spell in the episode "The Cutie Re-Mark", she has trapped herself in a permanent time loop where every day she reappears in Twilight's castle with no memory of the previous day, awaiting her punishment from Twilight and the Mane Six. The rest of the world goes on as normal, but the time loop never ends for her. Every attempt to reverse or destroy the time loop fails, and she cannot be killed because the time loop brings her back if she dies. She outlives the Mane Six, her parents, Twilight, the rest of Equestria, every living thing on the planet, and the planet itself, eventually becoming the last living thing in a pitch-black, completely empty universe.