Nightmare Fuel / Moral Orel

Don't let the title fool you...there's definitely disturbing stuff in Moral Orel. Lots of disturbing stuff. Let's just put it this way: after "Nature", Adult Swim asked Dino to make Season 3 as dark as possible — then canceled the show after realizing the mistake they made.

Spoilers below.
  • In the episode "Grounded", as a result of having his friends do a bloodletting, Orel is banned from going to church for a month. Afraid of damnation because he is not going to church, Orel slowly begins to go insane. By the end of the first week, Orel has turned his bedroom into a Room Full of Crazy, drawing a church on the wall, along with numerous Bible verses. In week two, he constructs a cardboard church whilst muttering "Church church churchy church", which is then taken away by Clay, causing Orel's sanity to degrade further. On the second Sunday, Orel finally has a mental breakdown, wearing the remains of the cardboard church, and believing that he IS a church. When Doughy points out that there's no cross on the cardboard steeple, Orel steals a cross from a store sign on the roof, and is immediately struck by a bolt of lightning (as it was very cloudy). After becoming convinced that God is trying to kill him because He misses him, Orel becomes suicidal, trying to electrocute himself and having near death experiences. What follows in his third NDE is one of the darkest and most disturbing imagery ever aired on Adult Swim (even within the context of the show's third season.) Orel sees himself praying (which consists of the backmasked phrase "I am a church", before seeing a Mind Screw montage relating to himself and church. It's also filled with some beautiful symbolism that ties in very neatly to Orel's gnostic revelation. The episode concludes by him promising to his dad that he'll never attempt suicide again, which then leads to the events of the horrific two-part Nature episode.
    • Add some Fridge Horror to that: Orel's "I am a church" vision was an epiphany that Faith is a personal relationship between the self and God rather than attending church out of fear of not collecting enough "Soul Insurance", and his father beat that enlightenment out of his son's memory out of pure spite.
      • It seemed less spiteful and more like a side-effect of living in Stepford Suburbia, as the main reason Clay even cared was because Orel was spouting his disbelief in Fluffy Cloud Heaven in front of other members of the community.
  • Bloberta mutilating herself in "Numb" to seduce a doctor with a gore fetish. There's no visible gore, but you hear it. She puts power tools in her vagina and leaves them running. For entire days. It's implied that the doctor's wife died doing the same thing.
  • "Alone", the first episode after the "darkening" of the show. When network execs were treated to a screening it, they were so disturbed that they canceled the entire series and cut the size of the third season in half practically on the spot.
  • One of the unsettling parts is at the end of "Sundays". Rev. Putty is trying to preach a sermon on hope, but no one he sees is happy OR hopeful. He looks to Orel for support, since Orel is obviously the most hopeful person in Moralton. Alas, Putty sees him with the same exact expression on his face as the rest of the churchgoers: hopelessness. Rev. Putty simply sighs, "Oh.", and the episode ends with unsettling music as the camera simply just focuses on the churchgoers.
  • Let's face it: Clay, from "Nature" onwards, tends to be LITERAL nightmare fuel.
    • His's rant in "Nature". As he goes through his rant, the camera is slowly zooming in on his face, and his voice is getting raspier and louder until his face takes up the entire screen and he's doing nothing but drunkenly moaning and screaming as flies buzz around his head.
    Clay: You sit there for the rest of your life, with no-where to go... and no-one to beeeee! AAAAHHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!
    • Pretty much the entirety of "Sacrifice" after a minute and a half in. Jesus CHRIST.
    Clay: With all you people as role models, no wonder my son is...SENSITIVE.
    • Clay's visions in "Nesting" are unsettling, to say the least. And a bit too Freudian.
    • Last, but certainly not least, his final Villainous Breakdown in "Honor", which shows Stopframe what an absolute monster he truly is.
    Clay: What are you doing here with my son?!
    Orel: Stop!
    Clay: The thought of you two together makes my skin crawl!
    Orel: Please! All we were doing was...having a nice time. For the first Christmas in...I don't know how long. I felt relaxed and full of joy.
    Clay: This... is... RAPE! You RAPED my son!
    Bloberta: What?
    Clay: With niceness, in order to get to me! Well, it worked, you got to me! Now you stay away from him! He's not yours, I AM! ....I mean— he's mine, my son! Oh, I miss you...Orel? I need you in my life...Orel? And you.
    Bloberta: We should go.
    Clay: (on the verge of crying) I love you, I love you, I love you...Orel?
    Orel: Come on, dad. It's late
    Clay: NO!
    (Clay steps on a picture of him and Stopframe, which shatters in half)
    Stopframe: He's right. It's too late.
  • The sheer amount of Truth in Television in terms of what religious fundamentalism can do to a person. How many people are out there that are just like Clay, or any of the other messed up religious stereotypes in Moralton? Especially with "Nature", for those of us that have been in similar situations (minus the gunshot) and know the sheer torture Orel is going through even before it goes From Bad to Worse. And Mrs. Censordoll? She lives in the form of the Westboro Baptist Church or any church lady who isn't played for laughs like Dana Carvey's from SNL.