Nightmare Fuel / Misao

  • Misao's ghost form is pretty scary to look at. No wonder Tohma tries to flee at the sight of her.
  • Some of the deaths are this, despite the limited animation.
  • The little ghost that trails Aki if she goes into a certain room and will murder her if she turns round to face it.
  • The ghost girl hidden behind the bloody "I'M DEAD" flyer the player can pick up.
  • Misao's backstory, which involves her suffering really, really horrific bullying, rape, and brutal murder.
  • In the free versions of the game, a lot of the creepier deaths are dulled down thanks to the limited sprites and effects. Not so in the Definitive Edition. It has more sprites and animations, more deaths, more sound effects, and is ultimately more harrowing than ever before. The fact that Aki still only has that one dragged out, dramatic scream may tone it down a little, but it doesn't stop this from being the creepiest rendition of Misao yet. Hell, in this version you're granted the opportunity to dig up Misao's rotting corpse since you aren't looking for it this time around!