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Nightmare Fuel: Metroid: Zero Mission
  • Several of the Zero Mission's cutscenes are sure to keep you up at night.
  • Tourian, lair of the Metroids and Mother Brain, deserves its own section.
    • This cutscene plays as you ride the elevator to Tourian, where all the Metroids are lurking for you...
    • Upon first exiting Tourian's save room, you find the lifeless corpse of a Space Pirate. Assuring. Very assuring.
    • Tourian's music doesn't help either.
    • The final room with Metroids. You get locked in a narrow room, as usual, but no Metroids emerge. You run back and forth, trying to find something, until you decide to drop a bomb. Then... the floor collapses. Twice. And you find yourself in a deep pit full of hungry Metroids...
    • The boss fight with Mother Brain. She is giving you a Death Glare the entire time, and shooting her results in her retaliating with an Eye Beam of Doom. Did we mention you're fighting on a tiny block above a pit of lava?
  • The Kiru Giru being suffocating by Tangle Vines in the boss fight just before Ridley. One can hear it trying to get free, but changing color as the vines leech more of its life out...
  • Ridley's arrival. Upon first entering his boss room, he can't be found. So you exit, you heal, you return, he's still not there. Not until you turn around...
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