Nightmare Fuel: Memphis Belle

  • Lead plane C-Cup's navigator (or the bombardier) falling out of the plane when an Me-109 shoots out the nose.
    Phil Lowenthal: Oh God ... He doesn't have a parachute!
  • Danny listening on the radio as the rookie crew of the Mother and Country, bisected by a falling Me-109, scream for their mothers all the way down until they fade out of range. Even worse that the radio squelch almost sounds like screaming itself, right before Danny turns off the radio. Somehow, the revelation that only two survivors managed to parachute from the doomed craft made it worse.
    • Even worse, two of the crew never even knew what hit them... since the Bf-109's wing hit RIGHT AT THE WAIST GUNS. Meanwhile the Ball Turret gunner more then likely never had a chance to even escape the plane.
  • The footage of the real bombers being shot out of the sky, by Luftwaffe gun cameras, while letters of condolence are read in the background. More then any special effect, a reminder of what the war cost those bomber crews.
  • The explosion of Windy City right in Belle's path, and the blood and gore smeared over the nose.
  • While it's played for a bit of (morbid) humor, the exploding can of tomato soup really does look like a significant part of either Dennis or Luke had just been blasted across the cockpit.