Nightmare Fuel / Mega Man NT Warrior
Who knew Electopia was so close to Elm Street?
  • The concept of episode 20 in Axess. Desertman and Flashman of all Navis show just how wrong using the Dark Chips are, because they slowly lose their minds to the point of insanity, being mindless zombies before being deleted (Desertman by Flashman, and Flashman by Shademan as a way of a Mercy Kill). And these are the Darkloids - the antagonists! Seeing the light fade from their eyes.... waaaah. Even Shademan is freaked by the end of the episode, as if he had no idea how bad the Dark Chips could be.
    • The games also emphasize on how bad the Dark Chips can be, because with each use (shown in 4 and 5), Megaman gets tainted more and more until his icon is nothing but a dark version of him smirking. And this coming from our Hero... brrr.
      • Thankfully, this is mitigated also with the Heartwarming effect of not using any Dark Chips causing an easy probability of Full Synchro in-game, proving just how strong the bond between Lan and Megaman can be.
  • The ending of Mistman's episode (Axess 44) in Japan ends with Yuriko being murdered by Jason Voorhees and Lan and Mayl about to be attacked by Freddy Krueger.
  • The Dark Blues/Enzan Cross Fusion in Axess 49. Shudder.
    • And what happens to Dr Regal in the final episode of Stream.....
  • A tremendous amount of scenes involving the ocean. Plus sinking, flooding, sharks, and other hazards. Generally, if an episode takes place out at sea, expect something to go wrong.
  • What happens to Lan's dad in the movie. He's a Living MacGuffin and the key to activating the villain's main weapon. How does this work? They have to force his eye open constantly so they can shoot some kind of scanning laser into it. The film randomly cuts to him stuck in a dark chamber, screaming in agony as this is happening to him. When he's rescued, his eye is black and swollen shut.
    • Plenty in The Movie, but notable are Dr. Regal and his Happy Eye Surgery Machine and the Nebula Grey wires. (Oh, God, the wires...)