''Series/MastersOfHorror'' is obviously going to have ''some'' NightmareFuel, as it's a series of one-hour films by respected horror directors. But some of them just cross the line. Spoilers below.

* "Imprint": The episode is about an American journalist looking for a Japanese girlfriend whom he had promised to rescue from prostitution. While looking for her in Japan, he meets a young woman who tells him that the girlfriend (Komomo) is dead, and recounts how Komomo died. The woman was the child of an alcoholic and an abortion doctor. She was adopted by a Buddhist priest who molested her and inspired an obsession with Hell, and she later beat her father to death because he had raped her. She had to become a prostitute and befriended Komomo, but stole the Madam's ring and planted Komomo's hairpin to frame her. The Madam tortured Komomo and forced her to confess, and after the torture, the young woman killed Komomo. She did this to save Komomo from Hell: by having such an evil friend, Komomo would be damned, and the young woman had planted the hairpin to sever their friendship and free her from damnation. At the end it is revealed that her mother and father were brother and sister, and that the young woman has a parasitic twin on her head that convinced her to plant the ring. The woman also begins to speak in Komomo's voice...
* "Jenifer" is disturbing in many ways. Firstly, it's about a blonde succubus with a horrific NightmareFace but a stunning body [[WoundedGazelleGambit who manipulates those who pity her]]. Not to mention how she is found devouring a cat, neighbor child and an employer's teenage son (the latter still being alive at the time), really stirring the AdultFear. And just to make things worse, the segment ends with Jenifer moving onto another guy, [[HereWeGoAgain thus starting the chain again]]...
* "Family" from the second season is also deeply disturbing. It's supposed to be dark comedy, but the particularly twisted take on UnreliableNarrator (Harold hallucinating sexually explicit conversations that clearly were not happening) creeps one greatly. And that's not even considering, you know, Norm from Cheers melting corpses with acid and hanging out with skeletons while cheerful Jesus music plays. Oh, and it was directed by John "''Film/AnAmericanWerewolfInLondon''" Landis.
* "The Screwfly Solution." The worst parts had to be severed breasts displayed like trophies and the overall notion that sex and violence are so closely linked.
** There is also the FridgeHorror of what happened to the infant girls when the plague occurred.
*** Just picture a little girl confused and helpless when their father is about to murder her while under the influence of the HatePlague.
* "Right To Die." The dentist's receptionist/mistress being skinned alive, and being AWAKE DURING THE ENTIRE PROCEDURE! She has been given enough anesthesia that she's not in pain and is not really aware of what's happening to her, but the fact that she's awake throughout the process pushes the whole scene deep into Nightmare Fuel territory.
* "Sounds Like" is probably one of the creepier episodes due to the slow-paced source of the horror. There are no monsters or killers to run away from, it's just the main character slowly growing mad because his sense of hearing keeps getting better and better and everything around him becomes intolerable.