* The album starts off with Marilyn reading the quite disturbing dialogue from the tunnel sequence from ''Literature/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'', and a good deal of the albums are chronicles of an apocalypse that loop perfectly if left to run on their own.

* The first track, "The Hands of Small Children", is nothing but distortions of children crying, nursery rhymes, an inexplicable unearthly moaning, and buzzing sounds.
** [[UpToEleven This becomes even creepier]] if you came for the [[CruelAndUnusualDeath "Woodchipper" segment]] from [[Radio/TrueCapitalist True Capitalist Radio]], though. Which is [[ParanoiaFuel pretty unnerving.]]
* "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"... so wrong but ooooh so right.
* Rev. Manson's remix/cover thing (lyrics not all the same, music drastically different) of "I Put A Spell On You" can basically be summed up as "If you're in love with someone who does not love you back, prepare for a horrible revelation, and nightmares caused by self-hate."

* Listening to ''Music/AntichristSuperstar'' all the way through while in bed with the lights off - not exactly nice... If none of the actual songs scare you, the hidden track "Empty Sounds of Hate" should do the trick: it's a collage of mechanical-sounding distorted voices saying things like "If you are hearing this, there is nothing I can do", "Something has grown in my chest... it is hard and cold...", and "When you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you". It doesn't help that "Empty Sounds of Hate" plays a good while after the final song on the album -- which means that an unsuspecting listener who might leave the CD playing on a computer or stereo would become quite startled when their machine suddenly starts whispering eerie messages and murmurs of death. And, of course, the fact that the track contains a clearly audible layer of backmasking adds ParanoiaFuel to the creepiness of it all.
* "Man That You Fear", with its air of ruin and hopelessness. It seems to be about a guy confronting someone who loved him before his StartOfDarkness. "Pray your life was just a dream..." The song can also be kind of a TearJerker, with its mournful air and the fact that Manson seems to always be on the edge of sobbing... and then the horrifying cacophony of sound after the lyrics end scares the hell out of you.
--> ''The world in my hands,''
--> ''There's no one left to hear you scream''
--> ''No one left for you''
--> ''When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed''

* ''Holy Wood'' has its fair share of scary as well, with "The Fall of Adam" being reminiscent of "Man That You Fear". That track starts off as an acoustic lament with muffled thunder in the background as Manson sings of the revolution carried out in the previous tracks falling apart; "When one world ends, something else begins, but without a scream... just a whisper, 'cause we just... started over again." Then comes the the heavy, palm-muted guitar, with Manson going from a gentle half-whispered lament to a screeching, angry tirade. And the end isn't any less scary, with all sound fading into the buzzing of flies, a lead-in to "King Kill 33". That track is a half-whispered, half-shouted declaration of war through a strange voice filter, meant to display a possible interpretation of the Columbine killers' twisted rationale.
** All of ''Holy Wood'' is supposed to be based off of the Columbine Massacre. So take a good look at the lyrics. Every song is, in some way, supposed to be Klebold and Harris's thoughts, actions and beliefs. This can be either extremely depressing or extremely terrifying. Possibly a mixture of both.
** The album cover comes to mind. [[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_oTrJBTy1NSI/TUl4TZVGcMI/AAAAAAAAA7A/p33eMQvF08I/s1600/marilyn_manson_-_holy_wood-front.jpg Very]] effective...
** [[SiameseTwinSongs "Born Again" and "Burning Flag"]]; this is arguably the point in the album where the protagonist ''breaks'', giving in and finally becoming everything that he hated.
-->'''Born Again:''' ''"[[MadnessMantra I'll be born again, I'll be born again...]]"''
-->'''Burning Flag:''' ''"Join the crowd that wants to see me dead, '''BUT RIGHT NOW I FEEL I BELONG FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!'''"''

* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OCLc3KME7g "Suicide Is Painless"]]: the ''Series/{{Mash}}'' theme, originally a somewhat pensive song, now with distorted noises in the background that almost touch being something you can identify, but not quite, and a creepily level and unemotional lead voice.

'''The Golden Age of Grotesque'''
* "Para-noir". It's one of the softer songs on the album, but that means precisely ''dick''. There's whispering and talking in the background throughout the ''entire song'', and where most of the album is synth-heavy, this is the only instance where it sounds [[UncannyValley so purely mechanical]]. Then there's the end, where Manson devolves into [[HellIsThatNoise screaming and moaning like a rabid animal]] over the chorus.
** Most of the song is simply women giving reasons why they would [[GroupieBrigade sleep with a rockstar]]. Some of the answers they give are downright disturbing;
-->''"[[{{Yandere}} I'd fuck you to control you]]... [[ManipulativeBastard I'd fuck you to fuck you over]]... [[BrokenBird I'd fuck you so I could feel something]]... [[DamselInDistress I'd fuck you so you will protect me]]..."''
** And there's the JumpScare:
-->''"I don't need a reason to hate you the way I... '''DYAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO!!!'''"''
* Practically ''all'' of the [[MonsterClown imagery]] that came with this era is varying degrees of this. [[SchmuckBait Don't believe me?]] [[http://www.mansonwiki.com/w/images/c/cf/The-golden-age-of-grotesque1.jpg Go]] [[http://www.mansonwiki.com/w/images/c/cf/Entartete_Kunst.jpg ahead]] [[http://www.mansonwiki.com/w/images/f/fe/Manson_gaog_mickey.jpg and]] [[http://www.helnwein.com/images/raw/1267 see]] [[http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk104/dita_tisdale/Marilyn%20Manson/MM10PROMO2003MM_FR_3.jpg for]] [[http://draw.acharts.net/cover/12854-56051f36a6468-l.jpg yourself]].
* "Obsequey (The Death of Art)" ends the album on a [[SarcasmMode real]] [[IncrediblyLamePun high]] [[LonelyPianoPiece note]].
* One of the bonus tracks, [[IntentionallyAwkwardTitle "Baboon Rape Party"]], is arguably [[HellIsThatNoise this]].
* Manson's rendition of "Tainted Love" can be rather terrifying as well.
* There's a reason the music video to (s)AINT was controversial.

'''Eat Me, Drink Me'''
* "If I Was Your Vampire". If the song itself isn't creepy to you, the story behind it probably is; it was inspired by one of Manson's friends offering to [[TagTeamSuicide kill herself with him]].
** The SubduedSection:
-->''"Blood-stained sheets...\\
In the shape of your heart, [[ViralTransformation this is where it starts]]"''
* "EAT ME, DRINK ME", the title track. The lyrics, based on ''AliceInWonderland'', have more in common with ''VideoGame/AmericanMcGeesAlice'', and then there's the part, after the first chorus, where the music mostly [[SubduedSection just stops]], and you can clearly hear the ''[[FridgeHorror muffled screaming]]'' you didn't realize you were hearing since the start of the song.
-->''"The trees and the courtyard [[PaintTheTownRed are painted in blood]]\\
So I've heard\\
[[DeadGuyOnDisplay She hangs the]] [[OffWithHisHead headless]] [[MakeAnExampleOfThem upside down to drain]]"''
* Among the artwork for the album is a picture of Evan Rachel Wood... with Manson about to [[KnifeNut plunge a knife into her neck]]. [[http://www.nachtkabarett.com/ihvh/img/nk_emdm_back.jpg See here]].
** Hell, the [[https://lastfm-img2.akamaized.net/i/u/ar0/44dbfd575f364ce7ba44124c37fef07f cover art]] is Manson standing in a room with [[OverdrawnAtTheBloodBank blood splattered all over the walls]].
** Oh, yes, and [[http://www.mansonwiki.com/w/images/8/81/Booklet%2C_page_11.PNG this image]].
* "[[VampiresAreSexGods You and Me and the Devil Makes 3]]". Never mind that the song is literally about being seduced by a vampire. But the song itself sounds like a SlasherMovie version of "[[Music/{{Bauhaus}} Bela Lugosi's Dead]]", and then the ending comes, and it's layers upon layers of bass, PsychoStrings, [[WhisperingGhosts creepy whispering]], and Manson singing the [[TitleOnlyChorus chorus]] in a ''[[EvilSoundsDeep much]]'' [[EvilSoundsDeep deeper voice than before]]. LastNoteNightmare indeed.

'''The High End of Low'''
* The "Running to the Edge of the World" video; the first half of the video is Manson singing and crying, with quick cuts of a woman seemingly in distress. Why is he crying, you might ask? [[spoiler: Later on we learn that he's crying because he's just [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone beaten that woman to death]]]].
* Both this and {{Tearjerker}}, but just the fact that half the songs on the album are about how unlovable and he thinks he is and how angry and hurt he is, the album was recorded at a very turbulent time in his life, and it ''shows''.
** On that topic, the album was largely composed from lyrics he wrote while ''trashing his house'', he wrote a lot of those lyrics on the walls, and even wrote enough to later use some for ''Born Villain''.
* [[MurderBallad "I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies"]].
--> ''"There's so much, much, much more skin to [[SuddenlyShouting BREAK]]!!!\\
I haven't even taken off my gloves."''

'''The Pale Emperor'''
* The video for "Deep Six". [[TheWormThatWalks Manson-worm]]? Fine. Ripping apart a [[{{Fanservice}} naked woman]]? Sure, why not? Throw in a shit-tonne of UncannyValley while we're at it? '''No.'''

'''Heaven Upside Down'''
* The infamous "[=Say10=]" teaser, if not for the song itself, then for the image of Manson standing over a [[OffWithHisHead headless]] [[{{Gorn}} corpse]] in the middle of the street, surrounded by a ''[[OverdrawnAtTheBloodBank huge pool of blood]]''. It doesn't help that the teaser is more or less a thinly veiled threat against UsefulNotes/DonaldTrump.
-->'''Teens React:''' ''({{beat}}) "[[WebVideo/{{React}} Yikes...]]"''
** The official video for "[=Say10=]" is no better than Tyler Shield's work. The crowning moment would probably be Manson [[spoiler: screaming into the camera while being sprayed with blood]].
** Oh, and the woman lying in bed while Manson is thrashing and pounding ''through'' the wall above her.
* The "We Know Where You Fucking Live" video. For the first time, Manson actually exploits his [[UsefulNotes/CharlesManson namesake]] and made a Manson Family killing-themed video, the result is both [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome]] and [[NightmareFuel terrifying]].
** The song itself.
-->''"We don't intend to just eat the street, the asphalt is the good meat,\\
And we will sleep on the skin of its nightmares."''