Nightmare Fuel / Malcolm in the Middle
What won't Bryan Cranston do?

  • In "Malcolm Holds His Tongue", Malcolm decides to hold everything in, becoming 100% agreeable. By the end of the episode, his internal monologue has become a screaming demonic voice, and he spits up a large amount of blood due to developing a severe ulcer.
  • Francis hunting down the mythical rat "Rose Marie" and instead ending up completely enveloped in her offspring. As funny as it is, you can't help thinking you'd scream like that too if you were trapped in a crawlspace and covered in live rats.
  • Craig's helper monkey going insane and trying to kill him and Hal.
    Craig: He watches me while I pretend to be asleep.
    • The fact that this has happened in real life does not help.
  • Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, and Stevie being locked in a closed amusement park in the middle of the night then being chased by a crazed security guard.
  • Let's face it, the show runs into this trope very frequently. It comes with the Black Comedy.
  • Malcolm getting screamed at by his girlfriend's over-protective father when he finds out he isn't just her tutor. Malcolm is so terrified that he curls up into a fetal position.
  • In "The Red Dress", where Lois is about to smash the TV to punish the boys for ruining her dress (which they didn't do), Lois finds out that they have hidden it while she wasn't looking. Then this happens...
  • Lois and her mother. Imagine being raised by people this cruel, manipulative and abusive, who simply do not care how horribly they damage their offspring. Lois' mother is actually WORSE than she is, but not by much. We can only hope that Malcolm never becomes President, because imagine what an individual that damaged would do with access to nuclear weapons.
  • Hal being covered in bees.
  • Reese waking up in a room full of butterflies.
  • Malcolm and Dewey get stuck in a tiger enclosure at the zoo. The zoo workers briefly mention a similar situation in another zoo and how they're trying to figure out what went wrong with that one, and were going to try tranquilizing the tigers had Malcolm not pointed out that that would just tick them off long enough to kill them before they settled down.
  • That episode with the new neighbors. The little girl was trying to eat Reese. Literally, he was covered in bite marks.
  • Lois' Sister has Francis get a Girl Scout troop lost. When they upstage him in wilderness survival to the point he tries to throw away their food to keep authority, they beat him up and tie him up. By the end of the episode, they dragged him all the way back down the mountain and forced him not to tell their scout leader what they did.
  • Bill Board suggests that Lois' psychological grip on the boys is so strong she can use mind control on them. And has done it before.
  • Reese in general. He actually shows signs of being a sociopath, he talks about hearing voices, and at one point he shows Malcolm that he can "turn his brain off".