Nightmare Fuel / Madness Combat

  • For starters, Tricky on the whole. And the Body Horror that comes with the MAG Agents, especially the first one. And maybe Hank's gradual physical degeneration from death to death, especially after he becomes a half-headed zombie for a bit. It increases as the series becomes Darker and Edgier. The spinoff movie Tricky Madness 2 is nothing but this. Really takes the "madness" element to heart, it does.
    • Krinkels claims he'll never pull anything like that again. He apologizes for the Gorn at the end of the video. It's as if he got half-way through making the video and stopped because he realized he crossed back over the line to "uncool, not cool."
  • Hank himself, especially in episode six. He starts out as little more than a sack of skin and exposed teeth held together by bloody gauze. And he gets worse after the train crash, with smashed glasses, more missing teeth, and part of his brain cavity exposed. But the real kicker? None of this impedes his fighting ability in the slightest.
    • As a matter of fact, Hank's injuries seem to only make him even more unhinged. By late in Antipathy, his once expertly efficient take on melee combat has started involving indiscriminately beating his victims senseless before killing them. Once Tricky has resurrected him in Consternation, he begins tearing chunks of flesh off of people with nothing but his hands. This looks exactly as horrible as it sounds.
  • While the L33T Crew is generally just a bunch of faceless mooks whose only purpose is to be slaughtered by Hank, there are certain hints in the background of some episodes that demonstrate the inner workings of the agency. In Consternation, one room contains the corpse of an agent, pinned to the wall by spikes, with grafitti near it saying "DISSENTER BE DAMNED". Seems defection is not treated kindly in the Crew...
  • A bit of Fridge Horror regarding Mag Hank. The signature defining characteristic of Madness characters is the crossing lines on their faces. Even at their most elaborately designed, Tricky and Jesus still have those lines beneath all their facial features — they're still essentially human. Once Hank has undergone this final resurrection, those lines have vanished from his face. This puts him on a very short list of such characters, the only other major one being the Auditor himself. No matter what he does now, Mag Hank is no longer a human.
  • The Auditor is pretty unsettling as a whole, given who and what he is. His unusual design and eerily fluid way of moving sets him apart from the rest of the cast, suggesting he really isn't of their world. His unexplained supernatural powers also aren't to be taken lightly given how much damage he can potentially do with them such as setting up the death of Deimos using Mind Control. He starts off pretty much Nigh Invulnerable and continues to show new powers that make him almost impossible to defeat properly in battle. And once he gets backed into a corner he turns to cannibalising living and dead to power himself up and grow to a gargantuan size. It has to be remembered that this… thing, whatever he is, has been running the show from the start and already had Nevada in an iron grip dystopian military regime before the protagonists showed up: If it weren't for the chaos the protagonists, Tricky and Jesus caused, it's likely there was nobody who could've stopped him - because he'd already won.
  • The moments were the entire world seems to start falling apart is also creepy. It's like you can see into the Matrix. Reality just falls apart and physics break down.
  • Incident:111a is downright horrifying with the Surprise Creepy ending (well, Surprise Creepier). The Savior is killed without any struggle by an unknown force and he's terrified of it.
  • Madness Retaliation has some very chilling areas to visit:
    • The room where you find a dead grunt stabbed to death in his bed, presumably by the crowd of agents who are now facing your team. It's very possible that this was a hazing ritual that went horribly wrong or they simply murdered him for fun.
    • The messages on the walls range from funny to unnerving. But the worst has to be when you are about to enter the Auditor's maze.
    • Near the changing rooms, as your fireteam progresses onwards, you'll bump into a giant dark room filled to the brim with zombies. If you have night vision goggles, you'll see that you're stuck in a prison.
    • In Club M, if you fight your way past two MAG Agents and a zombie Clown in a secret room, you'll find the infamous "Dissenter be Damned" corpse impaled on the ceiling of the next room, which is implied to be his cell.
    • The ATP cloning facility has tanks and tanks of sleeping agents, stretching off into the distance.
    • And in the ATP Facility, the final area has a bloody and destroyed prison cell, with one locker containing a single keycard, ripe for the picking. Take it... and you'll be ambushed by four MAG Zombies.
    • You'll be able to enter a freezer area in one section. Among other things, you'll discover a clown head with a bloody axe stuck through it and two hanging, extremely detailed cow carcasses. And before that, if you have the night vision on, you'll find a dead zombie slumped in one corner of the room.
    • In one darkened room, you'll find Tricky's brutally stabbed (with three knives sticking out of his body), shot and hanged corpse. And if the gear you find in the locker is anything to go by, it's implied that Hank fought Tricky here and won.
    • There's an area in Club M, where you can step through a chalk portal in the wall. You'll find yourself in one of the eeriest areas in the game...a dark void filled with stars. Oh, and it's completely silent.
    • The Auditor's Tower is a nightmarish maze, surrounded by red and black flames and with bloody graffiti on the walls. You'd expect a long and hard fight to get to the final boss. But there's nothing to attack you at all.
    • And once you've followed a useful hint on the walls and gotten to the Auditor's office, there's nothing but a desk and the DNA vials your team has been sent to retrieve. Take it and suddenly the Auditor will pop up, setting off the final battle.
    • The scariest part of the final battle is arguably this little line of dialogue.
    The words tactical nuke flash on the screen
    • Fortunately, the majority of the Auditor's scenes are more Crowning Moments of Funny more than anything, with the Auditor and tech support having to deal with his computer.
  • ROMP.FLA starts of as amusing, then gets more horrifying as the extent of the mustached star's power is revealed. Once they're zombified, it's just nightmare faces galore as Sanford and Deimos are killed. And the ending has the grinning, shaking star launching itself at the screen.