Nightmare Fuel: Madness Combat

  • Tricky. And the huge agent with spikes through his head. And maybe Hank's gradual physical degeneration from death to death, especially after he becomes a half-headed zombie for a bit. It increases as the series becomes Darker and Edgier. The spinoff movie Tricky Madness 2 is nothing but this. Really takes the "madness" element to heart, it does.
    • Krinkels claims he'll never pull anything like that again. He apologizes for the Gorn at the end of the video. It's as if he got half-way through making the video and stopped because he realized he crossed back over the line to "uncool, not cool."
  • Hank himself, especially in episode six. He starts out as little more than a sack of skin and exposed teeth held together by bloody gauze. And he gets worse after the train crash, with smashed glasses, more missing teeth, and part of his brain cavity exposed. But the real kicker? None of this impedes his fighting ability in the slightest.
    • As a matter of fact, Hank's injuries seem to only make him even more unhinged. By late in Antipathy, his once expertly efficient take on melee combat has started involving indiscriminately beating his victims senseless before killing them. Once Tricky has resurrected him in Consternation, he begins tearing chunks of flesh off of people with nothing but his hands. This looks exactly as horrible as it sounds.
  • A bit of Fridge Horror regarding Mag Hank. The signature defining characteristic of Madness characters is the crossing lines on their faces. Even at their most elaborately designed, Tricky and Jesus still have those lines beneath all their facial features — they're still essentially human. Once Hank has undergone this final resurrection, those lines have vanished from his face. This puts him on a very short list of such characters, the only other major one being the Auditor himself. No matter what he does now, Mag Hank is no longer a human.
  • The moments were the entire world seems to start falling apart is also creepy. It's like you can see into the Matrix. Reality just falls apart and physics break down.
  • Incident:111a is downright horrifying with the Surprise Creepy ending (well, Surprise Creepier). The Savior is killed without any struggle by an unknown force and he's terrified of it.
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