Nightmare Fuel: MAD

  • The very first Mad story ever ends with a man walking away with his own severed head.
  • "Toys 4 Bratz" is a little bit disturbing for a kid's show. Considering it shows BLOOD and a girl getting cut by a baby doll.
  • The Supernatural parody scared me a little, especially when the demon escapes from the girl's soul.
  • Ghost Rider's Training Wheels also has a demon in it.
  • Veggietales from the Crypt.
  • The first time they show Troll-Ra in ThunderLOLCats is kinda creepy for people who haven't seen a troll face.
  • One short segment features a dog fetching a bone and a skeleton pops out of a grave saying he's eating his shin *shudders*
  • In Fantastic Megan Fox, Megan Fox is reimagined as a fox who steals other actresses' body parts (Kristen Stewart's hair, Scarlett Johanssen's eyesnote , and Angelina Jolie's lips) so she can be the next hot Hollywood star
  • The Zombi (Bambi meets Night of the Living Dead) sketch is a little disturbing for young viewers.
  • In one sketch, a kid pops a zit and ends up swallowed by his own pus and gore.
  • The dolls melting in Flammable (the claymation parody of Katy Perry's "Fireworks" video), is pretty creepy when you look at it.
  • A Mike Wartella cartoon, features a scene were a lady walks into the kitchen and the Grim Reaper kills her.
  • Bear Grylls getting beaten by Winnie the Pooh freaked me out a tad.
    • But even that was nothing compared to FrankenWinnie
  • The mayor's design in Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas.
  • The Modern Family / The Family Circus crossover sketch. Seems harmless enough...till the end where it's revealed Billy has been holding his cast hostage against their will and likewise does the same to the Modern Family cast by making them a part of his comic.
  • A deliberate one in which we see a giant rabbit pulling out carrots and picks one that has humans clinging onto it. The rabbit then proclaims that rabbits rule the world before making a Nightmare Face to the camera.

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